How to prepare belyashi with meat. The cooking secrets tat

Why have one hostess belyashi go with gentle dough and juicy filling, the other the dough is hard, and the filling soggy and tasteless? Share secrets of preparation.

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1 tablespoon of sugar should be mixed with 10 g of dry yeast , and then pour 1 Cup of warm milk, stir well. So prepared the dough came, it must put in a warm place for 15-20 minutes. While suitable dough, you need to sift 3 cups of flour. Mix 2 cups of flour with a half teaspoon of salt and pour the flour into a bowl so that it had the form of slides. In the funnel, made of the flour, pour in beaten egg, room temperature (if you use an egg straight from the fridge, it will significantly reduce the temperature of the dough than impedes maturation), 6 tablespoons of vegetable oil, and yeast mixture. After kneading the dough, you should lubricate it with vegetable oil on top, sprinkle a thin layer of flour and put 1 hour in a warm place.


The filling is made from any ground meat here, follow your own taste preferences. Make the filling came out juicy and fragrant, it is necessary to add finely chopped onions. The optimum ratio of ground meat and onions to 2:1. Don't forget to add salt and spices to taste. The tat will be juicy, and the filling is evenly roasted, if you dilute the meat with cold water to a liquid state. Be sure to pay attention to this point.

Modeling tat

The risen dough out onto a Board and divide into small balls, then roll to a round thin cakes. Next, you should lay out the tortillas with a thin layer of stuffing, leaving the edges of the tortillas free space about 2-3 cm. Here the main thing not to overdo and not to impose a lot of meat, otherwise it is completely fried and the inside will be raw. Holding your fingers over the edges of the cakes, you need to bring them alternately to the center, leaving a small opening so that in the center there was a small "hole" with a diameter of about 2 cm, through which shone the filling. Make the filling after the formation of the tat were distributed inside evenly, lightly press it on top of the palm of the hand.


Putting the pan on the fire, you should pour the vegetable oil and wait until it is thoroughly baked. Once the butter is beginning to produce on the surface of tiny air bubbles, it's time to put the pan on the tat. Put belyashi in the pan should side with the opening facing down. From hot oil hole will seize a crust of stuffing, if you put belyashi fried to hole up, until cooked through the bottom part, the top part will swell and the dough will disperse to the sides and the stuffing will come out. When the fry side will have a rich Golden-brown color, tat: turn over and fry on other side until done. Hot, hot, with Golden shiny flanks, incredibly flavorful and juicy the meat pies remained to put it into the plate and serve. Bon app├ętit!

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