How to choose the right juice packages. Juices, nectars and juice drinks

Sometimes, choosing a good and quality product, quite difficult to understand the abundance of packages with juice, placed on the shelves of shops and supermarkets.

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Direct extraction juices obtained by mechanical pressing of fresh, freshly harvested vegetables or fruit. Produced by pasteurization (high heat for 40 seconds to a temperature of 90-920 C and rapid cooling) prevents microbiological spoilage during storage with maximum preservation of its taste, vitamins and nutrients. Concentrate juices are the most natural and healthy because they are exposed to the minimum possible processing. Reconstituted juices are made from concentrate. Technology of preparation is as follows: first, the juice at the processing plant evaporated water and thus the concentrate flow significantly decreases and it becomes easy to transport the concentrate arrives at another plant, where it is diluted by adding the same amount of water that was previously withdrawn. The result is a juice that taste identical to the original juice from which the concentrate is prepared. The taste will be the same, which is not true about vitamins and minerals, for the most part lost during the process of water evaporation. Clarified juice obtained by fine filtration by removing even the smallest particles, unclarified juices are moderate filtering, so naturally will be the presence of natural sediment, and juices with pulp practically is not filtered, leaving them crushed particles of the fruit pulp.


Because the juice of cherries, plums, apricots, peaches, bananas and some other fruits get too sweet and sour, and viscosity resembles a puree, it is diluted to make it suitable for drinking. Bred mostly Apple juice or sweetened water with addition of citric acid. As a result the specific part of the "native" reduced juice two or three times. Put simply, nectar is the natural juice diluted with water or available and relatively inexpensive Apple juice. The content of natural juice in the nectar from 25 to 50%.

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Compared to nectars, juice drink in its composition, in addition to citric acid and sugar, have fragrances, dyes, flavor enhancers and stabilizers. The percentage juice content in these drinks ranges from 10 to 40%. Due to the lack of vitamins about the benefits of juice drinks can not speak, their main purpose – quenching thirst. Summing up the results Based on the technology of preparation of juices and substances included in their composition, the most useful and valuable are the juices of direct extraction, and the least useful – juice drinks. Drink natural juices — always be healthy!

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