How to choose the packaged juice. Information on the packaging

Careful reading of the information contained on the packaging of packaged juice, will greatly facilitate the task of selection of natural, high quality and fresh product.

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Packaging. Glass or package?

The advantages of the aseptic package is that it, unlike the glass bottle will not break if dropped, takes up little space, easy to transport Yes the cost is significantly lower than the cost of glass bottles, which significantly affects the price of the final product. However, none of the modern packaging material today is not able to replace glass containers, allowing you to save for a long time the maximum of useful properties of juices. Whatever quality was not for the juice, it bends in the corners and edges are always present microscopic cracks through which the oxygen permeates the package. It enters into oxidative reactions in juice and significantly reduces the content of vitamin C. Be aware that the juice is resistant to ultraviolet radiation spectrum, which is delayed by ordinary glass, so you can safely choose the juice in a transparent glass bottle.

Natural products

The naturalness of the juice depends on what is written on the packaging. If it says that the product is a natural juice, there should be information about the cooking method: direct extraction or recovery from concentrate. If the label of the juice, from concentrate restored, posted by mark "100% juice", then when it was restored to the concentrate was added the same amount of water that was evaporated during cooking concentrate. The word "nectar" on the packaging indicates that in addition to natural juice product contains different amounts of Apple juice, citric acid, sugar or honey. Natural juice beverage is possible to speak with great reserve, since the percentage of juice in them at best is 40%, and some beverages may be significantly lower, up to 10 %. The lack of natural ingredients in these drinks are also compensated a whole set of food additives.

date of manufacture

About many things to tell date of manufacture of product specified on the label or packaging. Natural juice of direct extraction can only be made from August to October, if the natural juice is made in the period from November to July, he, no doubt, is the juice which is recovered from the concentrate.

How many in the cherry nectar Apple juice

"Cherry nectar" is written on the package, the label depicts a ripe cherry, but actually the drink consists of 10% of cherry juice, everything else is either Apple juice or Apple juice with water, sugar and citric acid. Honestly the manufacturer specifies all components of the product on the packaging, they are made here only in small print, but because reading is not particularly fitted. The buyer enjoys the taste of cherry nectar, but actually drink the beverage made on the basis of Apple juice.If possible choose natural juices direct extraction, since only they retain the majority of vitamins and minerals. Be always healthy!

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