How to cook buckwheat porridge. The secrets and subtleties of cooking buckwheat

To make buckwheat porridge was delicious, fragrant and crisp, while cooking you must strictly adhere to a number of requirements.

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prep work

For making a truly delicious buckwheat groats should be used only of the highest quality — unground, this cereal is not crushed, and consists of a large whole grain buckwheat. Measured out 1 Cup of buckwheat, it is necessary to sort, removing damaged beans, stones and debris. The following procedure – washing. Rinse buckwheat with cold water several times to wash away from the surface of the grains of fat and starch that is inevitably released during storage. The cereal was crisp and had acquired a distinctive spicy aroma, washed and dried using paper towels buckwheat need 2-3 minutes to lightly fry on a dry (no added oil) heated skillet on low heat.

porridge Cooking

In a cast iron cauldron, a thick-walled pot or, at worst, in a saucepan with a thick bottom to pour 2 cups of pure water and put on fire. Thick walls of ware necessary to ensure that the heat from the fire is distributed evenly over the entire surface of the cookware, thus empowering porridge and the dishes from burning. Don't forget to salt the water to 2 cups of water you will need 1/2 teaspoon of kitchen salt. The amount of salt can independently increase or decrease depending on your taste preferences. In what kind of water to fill the cereal, in cold or boiling? In many recipes recommended sleep buckwheat in boiling water, we strongly advise you to do it right after the pan of cold water set on fire. The lack of extreme temperatures will have a beneficial effect on the taste and appearance of the finished dish. After the water in the bowl boils, the fire should be set at minimum value, in a pan, add 2 teaspoons of butter, cover with a lid and leave on low heat for 20 minutes. While cooking do not need to interfere in the process of preparing periodic removing the lid and stirring the porridge. Let the buckwheat porridge does not boil in water, and be prepared for a couple. After 20 minutes the pot should be removed and if desired, add to mush butter yet, do not be afraid to overdo it – that's exactly the case when butter really won't. You can then submit it to the table.

Recipe "for the lazy"

Absorb the rump in a pot of water and bringing the water to a boil, the pot removed from the fire, wrap it first in several layers of newspaper, then a thick towel. Instead of towels you can use 2 pillows: one pillow pan set and a second pillow to cover her top. After 30 minutes, when you remove the saucepan from Newspapers, towels and pillows, it is soft, crumbly and delicious buckwheat porridge. Another option to make: in a food thermos to fill the Cup of buckwheat groats, add salt, pour 2 cups of boiling water, cork tightly and leave to sweat for 6-8 hours. The porridge will turn out – yum! Bon appétit!

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