How to choose sunflower oil. Types of sunflower oil

Adding sunflower oil to the sauces and the dough, tucking them soups and salads, using it for frying and stewing, should clearly know which types you want to use.

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Crude and refined

The list of useful properties of this product are quite impressive, however, it is important to remember that nutrients are present in the structure only of crude sunflower oil, Refine oil vitamins are missing almost completely. Use unrefined sunflower oil is advisable when cooking, not subjected to heat treatment: salads, side dishes and condiments. Refined sunflower oil must be used exclusively for frying and baking.

Types of sunflower oil

Unrefined sunflower oil obtained in the pressing process of the seeds of a sunflower and subsequent minor filtering. Has a characteristic, pleasant odor and a rich amber color. In this oil is stored up nutrients and vitamins. The shelf life is 3 to 4 months. Refined oil obtained from crude, having completed a full cycle of cleaning, filtering and removing impurities in the centrifuge. After this treatment, vitamins and minerals in it. Stored for about a year. Hydrated oil is the result of the processing of crude sunflower oil with water to remove the proteins and phosphorous components. This oil is noticeably paler and more transparent unrefined, it contains some useful substances and vitamins. Its shelf life is 6 months. Frozen oil can be both refined and unrefined. Get it after removing natural wax from the oil by freezing. Freezing prevents the turbidity of sunflower oil and formation of sludge in it. Ideal for infant and dietetic foods. Bleached oil is the most bright due to the additional filtration and subsequent removal from ballast substances, phosphatides, carotenoids and wax. The best option oils for frying. Also a good choice for frying oil is deodorized, from which you have removed all the taste and aromatics, resulting in a cooked dish will not have extraneous taste and smell. To maximally preserve the useful properties of sunflower oil is not a long time, in the process of bottling it is saturated with nitrogen. the bubbles which prevent the oxidation of the oil, preventing its contact with oxygen. This oil is called nitride. The neutralized oil when heated does not darken, does not foam and does not smoke. This effect is achieved by neutralizing pesticides, heavy metals and fatty acids.Let the dishes prepared by you with the use of sunflower oil will be tasty, fragrant and unique! Bon app├ętit!

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