How to cook French fries. Cook at home fast food classics

One of the classic dishes of fast food is the French fries. To eat them you can not only in fast food restaurants, it is easy to cook at home the kitchen.

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Prepare the potatoes

Success in the preparation of French fries is largely dependent on the correctness of the choice of feedstock. Potatoes should be slaborazlozhivshegosja varieties, large and Mature. Do not use for cooking new potatoes, otherwise the end result will disappoint you deeply. Wash potatoes should be cleaned, removing them from the peel and cutting out the eyes. Next, you need to cut them so that the finished bars in cross-section had a square shape with sides of approximately 1 cm each. To the cooked potatoes after roasting is not softened, it is necessary to remove excess starch. To do this, cut pieces of potato should be soaked for 20-30 minutes in cold water, then carefully Pat dry, laying them on a paper towel or the same paper towel. Why to dry the sliced potatoes? To hot oil in contact with wet potatoes do not "fired" and was not sprayed.


Great if your kitchen among all utensils have a deep fryer, if not, no problem – to prepare home-cooked fast food, you can use a saucepan, a deep pan and a saucepan. What vegetable oil to use? It can be a sunflower, and olive, and even corn – it all depends on your taste preferences. The only requirement is that vegetable oil should be refined so that it is not boiling and is not emitted bubbles when cooking. Generously poured vegetable oil in the pan and placed it on the fire, you must wait until it warms up. To determine the degree of heating the oil just enough for it to gently drop into it a small piece of potato. If you slice the potatoes went to the bottom, so the oil should still be warm, if it surfaced, being covered with the bubbles of boiling oil, therefore you are ready to start roasting. Put in a pan with a small portion of sliced potatoes and fry it until a delicious Golden brown, you need a slotted spoon to get the browned cubes and put them in a colander or on a plate lined with paper napkins. After a minute or two, when potatoes come extra fat, it will remain hot season with salt and serve. Bon appétit!

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