How to choose the stew. Secrets of the choice of quality and tasty stew

In cases when you need to quickly prepare a hot rich dish, not wasting time on the processing of meat, come to the aid of the stew. Share the secrets of her choice.

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The stew may be Packed in glass jars, and metal canning. Plus glass jars that their contents can be assessed visually, without opening the cover. Metal have the advantage in strength as resistant to shock and other mechanical influences. The swollen metal cans or lids from glass jars is an indication of what's inside the package happen unfavorable development processes of microbes of botulism or chemical reactions due to the inside presence of salts of heavy metals, followed by evolution of gas. From the purchase of this stew should be abandoned. The presence of rust on the metal surface of the cans or on the lid of canned food in glass containers shall identify that the product is stored either too long or storage conditions has been repeatedly violated. If by shaking or flipping cans hear gurgling sounds, then in the stew, little meat, and the rest of the volume takes the broth and air.

tag, the product name, its composition, GOST and TU

Label made by the method of color printing on the tin is evidence that the product produced solid company, not a firm one-day. If the label is made of paper, it needs to be glued evenly and gently, the glue lines should be laminated along its entire length, without sagging and omissions. State standard (GOST) identify original product names, they sound like "stew Pork" or "Beef stew". Buying various clones and variations of the type "Breakfast tourist", "Stew pork", "beef Stew", "Stew home-style" or "corned beef special", you need to be prepared for the fact that these meat products will resemble a classic stew only vaguely. In most cases they are made according to technical conditions (TU) manufacturer and the manufacturer determines that it should enter into their composition. And if the stew cooked in full compliance with the standard, consists of large pieces of natural meat with salt, pepper and Bay leaf, or the Bank product issued under less stringent specifications THAT, in addition to meat and spices you are likely to find, ground and carefully crushed the cartilage, connective tissue, veins and skin. If on the Bank with the so-called "stew" of the GOST, but THAT, this means that the contents of the can does not meet any standards, that is inside can be anything, but not meat. Common "stew" made with meat scraps with addition of soy and starch, richly flavored with emulsifiers and flavors so that the taste of the product will be very similar to meat.


Do not pursue cheapness. Be aware that the pound of corned beef may be cheaper, the same amount of raw meat. The way to reduce the cost of corned beef is only one – the substitution of natural meat soy substitutes of it. And do not chase for expensive imported canned goods. In composition and quality, they hardly differ from products of domestic manufacturers fair. The product is from abroad before you get on a shop counter or shelf of a supermarket, spends long time in transit, warehouses and transshipment bases, and therefore is usually not the first freshness.Choosing the stew, take into account the totality of the evaluation criteria of its quality and rely on their experience. And remember: the best stew — a stew cooked with his own hands. Good luck with your choice and Bon appetit!

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