How to determine the quality of tea. Criteria for assessing the quality of tea

Perhaps the only way to determine the quality of the tea is to brew it and taste, having either indescribable bliss or bitter disappointment.

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Before you start brewing you can get an idea about the quality of tea by its appearance. The task of quality assessment is greatly facilitated if the tea is not crushed. High quality tea is almost never crushed. At high tea the most tea leaves have the same solid color, the size of most of the leaves are the same, and they are solid young leaves or unopened buds. The more whole the leaf is, the higher the quality of tea. The tea is of poor quality the color of the leaves is heterogeneous across old leaves bluish-grey and rotting before drying with brown color. In the package of tea contains leaves of different maturity, from small to very large, and instead of whole leaves in the packet are leaf fragments and "logs" — the crushed stems of the tea Bush.


The quality of tea can be quite accurately determined by its foaming. When brewing tea quality foam is formed quickly and in large volume, the tea is low quality or will give very little foam, or it will be absent completely. Yellowish brown, slightly dirty foam formed on the surface of the tea, will unmistakably indicate the high quality of tea and testify its right and proper brewing. Abundant white foam formed on the surface as if the water for brewing was not hot enough.


The color of the tea depends entirely on varieties of tea, as brewed green tea will be a different color from the black and yellow tea from red. More accurate criterion for determining the quality of tea is not so much the color, how its intensity and brightness. A drink of good tea is sure to be transparent, he in any case should not be cloudy. If brewed in a quality tea to add milk, it will turn bright orange or pink color, in the case of colouring tea beverage in drab, dirty beige color can confidently say of low quality raw materials from which it is made.


Flavoured mixed with green and black tea are most often made from tea leaves of poor quality. Truly high-class tea does not need any additional flavoring because the flavor is so complete and self-sufficient, and the addition of flavorings is his only detriment. The flavor of the tea most varieties produced in the first 2-3 minutes of steeping, therefore to assess the flavor of the tea should not overdo, otherwise after 5-6 minutes its fine and delicate flavor will evaporate completely. The loss of tea fragrance will deprive you not only of pleasure from partaking of this drink, but also many useful substances contained therein. The aroma of good tea to describe by words. He is elusive, subtle and pleasant, unlike any of the known odour, vaguely reminiscent of the bouquet of aromas of flowers, leaves and berries.To choose really high-quality and healthy tea, brew, try, compare and make conclusions! Enjoy your tea!

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