How to cook meat in French. National dish of French ancestry

Despite the many options for cooking casseroles of meat, potatoes, onions and cheese, all share one thing — the name of the dish. Cook meat in French.

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The appearance of meat in French due to the favorite of the Empress Catherine II to count Orlov, because it was prepared by a French cook for him and presented to the table called "Veau Orloff". The casserole consisted of veal, potatoes, mushrooms and onions, seasoned with grated cheese and Bechamel sauce. The dish was a huge success, the recipe quickly spread throughout the Russian Empire, the name of the count from the name meat casseroles disappeared, instead the dish was simple and plain name "French Meat". In the evolution of the composition of the meals has changed: instead of veal used pork and beef with mushrooms in most recipes disappeared completely, instead of Bechamel sauce, the dish is flavored with sour cream, cream or mayonnaise, meat for casseroles was used as raw and roasted, to add zest to the dish steel seasoning slices of tomatoes, oranges or pineapples. Remained the same but the taste – tender, juicy and delicious.

Preparing ingredients

To start preparation of ingredients should begin with meat. A piece of pork, veal or beef 0.5 kg should be washed and then dry with a paper towel. Further, it should be cut into layers about 1 cm thick Please note: cutting meat across the grain, not along them, with this method of slicing to retake it will be much easier. Return the pieces of meat, after having put them in a plastic bag – so you will reduce the splash of meat juice and blood around to a minimum, and therefore, cleaning of the kitchen workstation at the end of cooking will need less time. You need to beat the meat on two sides, thickness qualitatively repulsed a piece of meat has reduced by about half. Don't forget to salt and pepper to taste. Having cleared of a peel, 0.5 kg of potatoes, it is necessary to cut thin slices thickness of about 0.5 cm (for making chips). Sliced circles of potatoes cover with cold water, so it is not darkened from contact with the air. Left to RUB on a large grater 300 g hard cheese and to complete the preparatory work, clearing 3 medium onions and cut them in half rings.


Turning on the oven, you need to set its temperature to 2000 C. While it warms up, you need to shoot the bottom of the pan with metal foil. Many avoid overcooking meat grease bottom of foil with butter or sunflower oil. It is in vain! Meat when baking in the oven never burn. Laying out on the foil meat, you need to cover it with a layer of sliced onion and sprinkle with spices to taste. To add spice to the dish, on top of the onion need to put slices of tomatoes, pineapples, or oranges, and on top lay the slices of potatoes thickness in a single layer. Sprinkling the layer of potatoes with grated cheese, was a bit watered it with mayonnaise and send it in the oven. The roasting meat in French in the oven at a temperature of 2000 is about 30 minutes. After turning off the oven it is desirable to give him to brew it for 10 minutes and then serve. Ready for a hot pudding is served on plates, trying not to compromise the integrity of its layers, neatly slicing the dish portions or hooking from the bottom to shovel a piece of meat and placing it in a bowl. Bon appétit!

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