How to distinguish the olive from the olives. The difference between black olives and green olives

Some say that green olives and black olives are the fruit of different varieties of olive tree, others say it fruits of different maturity. How to distinguish between them?

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It may sound paradoxical, but black and green olives are one and the same. They grow and ripen on the tree, the olive, called olive or European olive tree cultural. Mediterranean homeland, and all over the world, the fruits of these trees are called olives, dividing them by color on green olives and black olives, and only have green olives are called, actually, olives, and black olives. Manufacturers and importers of olives did not begin to understand this paradox and Philology in favor of consumers at banks berry black write simple and unpretentious – olives.

the Colour of olives

Colours fruit of the olives is wide enough. Unripe berries will always be green, but Mature, depending on variety, may be green, yellow-green, and reddish-brown, and dark purple, and even black in color. Conclusion the foregoing is not always the green color of the berries indicates the maturity of the olives. And Yes the black color is not a 100% guarantee of ripeness of the fruit plucked from the tree, and canned, but more on that a little later.

Leached and natural

Fresh olives due to its bitterness, which gives them a very useful substance for health oleuropein, almost inedible. The traditional way of removing the bitterness of olives is to soak them in salt or sea water. This process, depending on type of olives, takes 3 to 12 months. Long and boring? Similarly decided and engineers of food technology, who invented a way to significantly reduce this long process, bringing it to a few days. The secret of fast maturation of the olives is to add salt to the caustic soda solution. Alkali rapidly penetrates the olive pulp, killing her bitterness, after the treatment, she washed the berries and they become suitable for consumption. Marking to differentiate the olives prepared with alkalis from the same fruit, but with the use of traditional technology, does not exist, but they can be distinguished by indirect signs. The pulp is prepared with the Express method olives are tougher and drier, and the skin is smooth and shiny, without colour defects in the form of small dots and specks. Olives, made according to classical technology have uneven color and soft juicy pulp.

Black color

Not all olives black color is natural and obtained in the process of maturation. Darken the skin of the berries is simple enough. If using brine from green olives to miss oxygen, they are guaranteed to darken. To oxidized olives are green again, to lock black, they are treated with iron gluconate. By the presence of this substance with the code Е579 in the product easy to recognize pseudocereal olives. Natural black olive side, they were facing the sun is always noticeably darker, recolored same gluconate iron green olives have a smooth and equal on all sides color.Green and black, with and without bones, marinated and stuffed – all of them extremely useful. Eat them on health! Bon appétit!

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