How get groceries for the week. Preparation of a shopping list

Make a list of necessary products with their subsequent purchase for the week ahead saves not only money, but also the most precious – our time.

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What gives?

Let's start with time. Did you know that when you purchase products once a week the time spent on shopping trips is reduced several times? Guessed, but did not dare to do such an experiment? How many times, starting cooking, you had to rush or send someone from the household to the nearest grocery store suddenly ended the ingredients for future meals? In addition to saving time shopping for a week provides tangible cost savings, since the number of visits to the markets, shops and supermarkets are directly proportional to associated with them financial costs. And carefully compiled weekly menu daily relieves painful reflection on the theme: "What do today delicious?"

make a list of necessary products

Make a list products you need to start with making the menu for the week. This can be done independently, by choosing a quiet moment when nothing prevents to focus or bring to this event their home and listened to their wishes about the diet for a week. Using set menus and recipes, included in it, you need to write in column a list the necessary ingredients, combining and pribludova number of repetitive. From the resulting list you can delete products already available in the kitchen and in the fridge, and then add products that are not part of the recipes, but regularly eating. These include: salt, sugar, spices, coffee, tea and other. As a result of the work done, you'll have a well-structured and balanced list of necessary products, including not be superfluous, therefore none of them will perish or spoil. We offer to your attention a sample list of necessary products for the week: 1. Meat (pork, beef or chicken). 2. Frozen fish. 3. Dairy products (milk, sour cream, butter, kefir, cottage cheese and cheese). 4. Chicken eggs, sunflower oil. 5. Cereals, pasta and flour. 6. Potatoes, carrots, onions and other basic vegetables. 7. Fresh seasonal vegetables and fruits. Remains to determine the day of purchase (usually one weekend) and to attract households to this important event. Despite the elaborate and purchased volume of products, visit the grocery stores during the week still have to buy bread and perishable dairy products, but costs of time and Finance will be minimal.

is buying food for the week

Before you go shopping, you should examine the list of promotional offers in nearby supermarkets for us products. Before you leave home, you need a substantial meal to a delicious tantalizing smells of food in the supermarket or on the market are not forced to buy something in the shopping list or not to purchase an amount of food significantly larger than planned. When choosing products at the supermarket quietly, without haste, check their expiration date and compare the prices with similar products nearby. Products placed closer to the customer, usually are ending the shelf life, and the more recent "hidden" in the depth of the shelves. Give preference to domestic products: if you are similar as they are always fresh and cheaper than their foreign counterparts. Stop buying products – for example, for processing of meat will not have much time, but you will not have the slightest doubt in the quality of beef for meatballs, dumplings and other Goodies. As you can see, plan shopping for the week and dishes made from them is a snap! Bon appétit!

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