How to cook Bechamel sauce. The nuances of preparing a classic French sauce

Without this sauce will lose its appeal many dishes from lasagna and casseroles to soufflés and tender juicy meat on-French. Meet the Bechamel sauce.

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The basis of the sauce, named after the Roux is a mixture of fat and flour which has passed thermal processing. Depending on the dishes to be served Bechamel, its density will be different, and it depends on the amount of the second ingredient is milk.

Cooking basics

As already mentioned, the base of the sauce consists of flour and fat. As fat it is advisable to use butter. 100 g of this product is necessary to melt on low heat in a skillet or small saucepan. When the butter is completely melted and become liquid in the pot should pour 100 g of flour and thoroughly mix it with butter. A pot with fire should not be removed – the resulting mixture should be lightly brown, stirring constantly, for 2 minutes.

the Final part of cooking

The basis you need to enter the milk. Please note – the milk must be cold. Need to start small portions pour about 300 grams of milk, mixing thoroughly future the sauce and breaking up the lumps formed. To "fight" with the lumps can be either manually – using a whisk or using an electric mixer or blender. By giving the pan another 500-600 g of milk, the sauce should be stirred carefully. Bringing the sauce to a boil, you need to wait until it starts to thicken (about 5-6 minutes), this will be a signal about the readiness of the sauce. Bechamel left salt and pepper, add 1 teaspoon of salt and about the same amount of freshly ground black pepper. Don't forget to add in the sauce a pinch of nutmeg, without it the sauce is not a Bechamel! Bon appétit!

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