How to breed edible gelatin. Tips for using gelatin

Without it, not to make any jelly or marmalade or jelly, no cream, no yogurt. Guessed what we are? Of course, about the gelatin! Learn to use it properly.

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Gelatin is a transparent viscous liquid, with no color, no smell, no taste. Produced by denaturation of fibrillar protein collagen contained in fish bones and scales, but the main raw material for its production is the connective tissue of bones, skin, ligaments, and tendons of cattle. Thanks to the collagen gelatin has gelling properties and is an indispensable ingredient in many cooking recipes.

Rules of breeding

The most efficient method of breeding gelatin powder is dissolve it cold water, because when you add it directly in the broth, milk or fruit juice to dissolve the gelatin pellets could not be achieved, no matter what tricks. Poured on the bottom of a small metal bowl with 1 tablespoon of gelatin, you pour 100 ml of cold boiled water. Ordinary gelatine should be left to swell in 50 minutes, for instant gelatin this time, you can safely halve to 25 minutes. After this time the bowl with the gelatin should be placed over a pan with poorly boiling water. Holding the bowl in a water bath, periodically stir the contents. After about 10 minutes the gelatin is completely dissolved in the water. A sign of its complete dissolution will be the state of absolute transparency of the liquid. Be careful! Do not bring gelatin to a boil, since at a temperature of 1000 is the destruction of collagen protein, therefore their geleobrazujushchim properties of the gelatin will lose completely and forever. If boiling does occur, without a drop of regret pour boiling liquid into the sewer and start his preparation from the beginning. After gelatin is completely dissolved in water, preferably cooled to 50-600 C and only then to enter into the food. Don't forget to skip the cooked gelatine through a sieve to get rid of film on its surface, formed in the heating process. Preventing the softened gelatine from boiling, you should know that it doesn't like low temperatures. Do not put it in the freezer, because freezing will occur: crystallization and delamination, and once it thawed, the gelatin will lose its geleobrazujushchim properties.

aspect Ratio

More precise information about the ratio in which to dissolve the gelatin, contains on its packaging and in recipes of certain dishes, we will limit ourselves to the description of the overall proportions and related the viscosity of the finished culinary delights. The effect of shaking jelly will dissolve in 1 liter of liquid 20 g of gelatin. This ratio of ingredients is optimally suited for delicate aspics and dairy desserts. When dissolved in the same amount of liquid of 40 g of gelatin, the finished product will be denser. Recommended for chicken aspic, jellied tongue, and fish, fruit jelly. For cooking beef and pork jellied minced meat, fruit pies or decorations to cakes and pastries, the amount of gelatin in 1 liter of water should be increased to 60 g Dishes made with gelatine, not only tasty but also healthy! Bon app├ętit!

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