How to melt the candied honey. The melting of crystallized honey

Useful and delicious natural product, which is honey, over time, inevitably crystallizes. To restore its initial appearance, it must melt.

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Crystallization of honey

Crystallization or becomes candied honey is the gradual process of its transition from liquid to solid state. In its simplest form, the honey is a supersaturated solution of fructose and glucose. Particles of fructose remain in the liquid state, and glucose, with lower solubility, begins to form a group of crystals. Because the glucose crystals have a higher density, and hence weight, they sink to the bottom of the pot with honey. For this reason, the honey becomes candied starts from the bottom, gradually reaching the top of the dish. The more in honey than glucose and less water in it, the faster it begins the process of crystallization. The rate of saccharification of honey also depends on temperature of storage: at temperatures below 40 C and above 280 With the process of crystallization of honey is almost not observed, while 150 s is the optimal temperature for saccharification. Paradoxically, but the more the honey mix, the faster it will Sacharissa, as it may cause the formation of new crystallization centers.

honey Blossom

Crystallized natural honey fully retains all its medicinal and taste qualities, so if you are comfortable and familiar to eat liquid honey, it must dissolve to return to a liquid state. The most common method of melting honey is a gentle heating, which consists in gradually heating to the temperature not above 45-500 C, because at higher temperatures there is a destruction of numerous enzymes and biologically active substances of honey, a simple sugar included in it, and did turn into caramel.

Method one

Will need two pots of different sizes, and the smaller pan must not "fail" in big, grasping her hands behind her wall. Poured into a large pot of water so that it does not reach to the bottom of the smaller container, the assembled construction of the water bath should be put on fire. After boiling water in large pot with a smaller plate you need to put a glass jar with sugared honey. For the blooming of honey in volume of 1 litre is usually enough for 10-15 minutes. To make the process of heating the honey is more soft, in a pot smaller you can pour water. At the same time, melt the honey will increase two or three times. In the process of blooming of honey should be stirred up periodically.

second Way

Typing in a pot of water so that its level was slightly below the upper edge of jars with honey, you need to put it on a small fire. To protect the bottom from heat contact with the bottom of the pan, should be placed between them an impromptu stand, for example, a metal mesh for washing dishes. In the process of heating water in a pot, you must monitor its temperature using a thermometer. Water should not be hotter 500 C. the Time required for blooming 1 l of honey, will be approximately 5-7 minutes. As in the previous method, during the melting the honey should be stirred up periodically. In the end, a jar of candied honey can be put anywhere with a suitable thermal conditions: the battery of Central heating that on the stove in the bath or sauna. After a few hours or days (depending on temperature), the crystals of glucose has melted and honey is liquid. Bon app├ętit!

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