How to keep meat fresh. The secrets of keeping meat

Meat is one of the foods that quickly deteriorate if not properly stored. Knowing some of the secrets that meat can be a long time to keep fresh and juicy.

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cold Storage

The best way to use fresh raw meat is the production of dishes in the lazy buy, but if the meat is purchased in advance, its storage should be approached responsibly. The meat before placing in any case should not be washed – this will significantly reduce its shelf life, instead of this, we strongly recommend to separate the meat from the bones (at least from major). The meat of young animals will retain their properties when storing in the refrigerator throughout the day, meat of adult animals can lay on the bottom shelf and up to two days. And if it is pre-cooled to zero temperature, its shelf life will increase to three days. In the case where the meat you want to keep longer, place in the freezer.

Use your freezer

Perhaps the most optimal method of storage of meat and meat products. Wiping a piece of dry meat and dividing it into the necessary number of small parts, you must pack it in a plastic bag, releasing from it all the air. After this, the meat can be laid on the shelf of the freezer. To keep the meat juicy, preventing the freezing of moisture without the use of plastic bags, as follows: when a piece of meat slightly will freeze slightly in the freezer, it is removed and, watering with cold water, put back in the freezer. The crust of ice on the surface of the meat will protect it from drying out no worse than polyethylene. Freezing meats it is desirable to produce as quickly as possible, holding the temperature in the freezer at its lowest setting. Otherwise, when the meat will freeze slowly, resulting ice crystals will irreversibly damage its structure. After thawing, the meat will be flabby, dry and tasteless. To thaw meat too, should be able. Without using microwave oven without any heat or soaking in water. Room temperature – here is the optimal mode of defrosting meat. If you want slow defrosting, it is better to put the meat in the refrigerator, where it razmernye for 12-18 hours.

is If freezer and refrigerator missing

The easiest way not to let the meat spoil without a domestic source of cold during the day – generously sprinkle it with salt, put in a ceramic bowl, and the top is once again generously with salt. If get charcoal powder, then poured a layer thickness of 3-4 cm on top of the salt, the meat can be safely stored during the week, and sometimes more. In one day you can keep the meat fresh if you wrap it in a napkin soaked in vinegar and place in a cool place. Cloth it is desirable to periodically moisten with vinegar. Instead of vinegar you can use lemon juice – the effect will be similar. Meat is preserved without the use of a refrigerator during the day, if you omit it, wrapped in cloth in a container of salted water. If instead of salt water to use the yogurt or milk, the shelf life of meat in a cool place will increase to 5 days. Fresh nettle leaves will keep meat fresh for 2-3 days, if a piece of meat to wrap nettle leaves in several layers and placed in a cool and dark place. If after defrosting the meat is detected emanating an unpleasant odor, get rid of it, wymogu a piece of meat in salted water first, and then dissolved with the vinegar. Alternatively, you can use the soaking the meat in sour milk or in water mixed with powdered charcoal. The smell does not remain also a trace!

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