How to freeze fruits and berries at home

Fully preserve all the nutritional, aromatic and taste qualities of berries and fruits, freezing them in their own home freezer.

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Utensils for freezing any, except for glass. It is unlikely someone will be pleased with the prospect of cleaning the freezer and the frozen products from small glass fragments in case of sudden damage or cracking of the glass container or jar. Perfectly suited to the role of storage containers plastic containers for food packaging of the same material or cardboard bags boxes of juices and dairy products. Allowed the use of metal food cans without lids, provided that their height does not exceed 4-5 cm Usage tableware rectangular shape, unlike the round, will allow you to more tightly fill the space freezer. Utensils for freezing fruits and berries must be perfectly clean and absolutely dry.

Preparing berries

For freezing, you should select fresh and ripe fruits. From freezing overripe fruit is better to abstain, because after defrosting the majority will lose their original shape and turn to mush. Even if berries look visually clean, they still must be carefully and at the same time, carefully rinsed in clean cold water. The washed products are spread on a cloth and dried.


Spread out berries on broad plate with a thin layer, placed in the freezer. For a full freeze fruit takes two to three days. After this time the plate of berries out of the freezer remove, the berries are most densely placed in the storage container, the container is closed with a lid or covered with foil, overlapping to products access of air. This will avoid freezing of moisture from the berries and preserve their initial appearance and shape after defrosting. This method of freezing is best suited for fruit with strong skins and solid fruit: gooseberries, currants, blueberries, cranberries, cranberry and other. Strawberries, strawberries and raspberries are more delicate and sensitive structure, so it is better to freeze them in a slightly different way. After putting the products in prepared dishes, sudochki, jars and containers with berries placed in the freezer, where they are subjected to freezing. As in the previous method, the storage tank should be tightly closed lid, not giving to freeze the moisture from them. If the number of storage containers, you may need to do the following: the bottom and sides of the package vystelite thin plastic bag, the container is filled with products and sent to 2-3 days to freeze. Is extracted from the container seized a packet of berries in a plastic shell that is sealed in several layers of foil and storing in the freezer, and empty dishes used to freeze next food. An important condition for correct and high-quality frozen berries is the rate of freezing is directly dependent on the temperature of the air in the freezer. Rapid freezing at a temperature of from -18 to -250 With securely store all properties of the berries for 9-12 months. If freezing was carried out at a temperature of from -9 to -170 C, the shelf life of these berries is reduced to six months and frozen at minimum temperatures below zero berries can be stored is less than about three months. We wish to keep in the freezer berry harvest without loss, so that in the winter evenings, having eaten the juicy and tasty fruit, to remember the warm and gentle summer!

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