How to pickle cucumbers. So pickles were tasty, firm and crunchy

Not all Housewives cucumbers are hard, crunchy and delicious. How to pickle them? Share the secrets of pickling cucumbers.

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For salting and marinating will be fine, not all cucumbers. So, cucumbers without the pimple, with a smooth skin, are not zasolochnymi varieties of cucumbers and more suitable for salads. But with pimples. As for the size, cucumbers for pickles should not be gherkins miniature in size, but should not be a inbetweeners the size of an average banana. First, cucumbers small and medium size dense structure inside them is guaranteed not to be void, and secondly, they are much denser will be located inside banks, more efficiently using the inner space of the banks. Peel cucumbers should be thick, not very dark, and the light part should not be yellow. And most importantly, the cucumbers must not have a bitter taste, so be sure to check them before salting, tasting.

water Quality

The taste of pickles depends on the water used for pickling. The best option is the crystal clear spring or well water, or bottled water drawn from artesian wells. If you have only tap water, it must be subjected to training. Can be prepared from melt water or to purify from impurities using a household filter. Will improve the taste of water and its insistence on silver or copper.

herbs and Spices for pickling

The most common set for pickling cucumbers consists of the leaves and roots of horseradish, inflorescence and stalks of dill, tarragon, leaves of cherry and black currant. Apart from the above mentioned herbs and spices, many people use for pickling Bay leaf and cloves, garlic and black pepper and herbs, celery and Basil, mint, thyme, oak leaves and pieces of bark.

prep work

Cucumbers before pickling must be soaked, and no matter whether they just plucked from the garden or purchased in the market. The soaking time varies from 3 to 12 hours. The longer the better. While the pickles soaked, it's time to do the dishes. Glass jars should be carefully washed with warm water and soap or detergent, thoroughly rinsed and sterilized. The lids are sterilized by boiling for 5 minutes.


Putting on the bottom of the jar a small layer of spices and herbs, stack them vertically on top of the larger cucumbers, then a layer of herbs and spices, stacked on top of cucumbers smaller. After laying the last layer of cucumbers, pour a jar of brine. Preparing it is simple: on a three-liter jar of pickles will need about 1.5 liters of water in which to dissolve 3 tablespoons of salt, and then bring the solution to boil. The choice of salt depends not only the taste of cucumbers, but also their hardness. If you use fine salt is a high probability that the pickles get soft, and preparation for winter can simply explode. In the brine you can add a few chopped leaves of horseradish and dill stems, 3-4 Bud cloves and a dozen peppercorns, and then a few minutes to boil on a small fire. Filled the jar with hot brine cucumbers leave in a warm place, covered mouth with a napkin. These cucumbers will be ready in a day. If pour brine cucumbers, cooled to room temperature, they will be ready to eat in 4 days. If a jar of pickles be placed in a warm place, as in a refrigerator or cellar, they are salted in a month. If you want to make the harvesting of pickles for the winter, they poured the hot brine left to ferment for weeks, then if necessary add the solution and close metal lids. A perfect remedy for mold is a horseradish root, a few pieces which should be put under cover, and a pinch of mustard seeds or a tablespoon of vodka added to the brine will help protect the banks from blasting.Pickles are perfectly combined with the other ingredients of various salads and appetizers, you can add them also in sauces and hash. Bon app├ętit!

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