How to store fresh cucumbers and tomatoes. To cucumbers and tomatoes preserved longer

Contrary to popular among many Housewives astray, fresh cucumbers and tomatoes should not be stored in the refrigerator. Where then to store them?

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Cucumber is a heat – loving vegetable. No matter where it is purchased, at the market or supermarket, the optimal conditions for storage of fresh cucumbers are provided only at a temperature of about 150 C. And what happens in everyday life? Brought home a bag of cucumbers immediately placed in a refrigerator and even on the shelf next to freezer. As a result of storage at temperatures below 100 C cucumbers "cold". They are covered with black dots, on the surface appears white mucus and with full access of oxygen begins the process of reproduction of putrefactive bacteria. After several days of such storage cucumbers can be safely sent to the trash. If it is not possible to ensure the cucumbers a comfortable temperature of storage, exceptionally, they can be put in storage in the fridge, but place at the same distance from the freezer for not more than 3 days. Another common mistake is to wash the cucumbers purchased immediately on arrival home. After this wash the protective layer of skin is damaged, the surface formation of cracks and abrasions through which there is an active evaporation of moisture and nutrients. Through them into the cucumbers are disease-causing microbes and bacteria. Proper storage of fresh cucumbers is to wrap each vegetable (unwashed!) in a paper towel and put them in an airtight plastic bag or glass jar with a tight fitting lid. To prevent the formation of rot and mucus in the package or in a jar put a piece of horseradish root or chopped cloves of garlic. Storage temperature 150 C, in a dark place. Another option to preserve fresh cucumbers throughout the week to put them vertically, tails down, into the pan, on the bottom, pour a layer of water with thickness about an inch. The pan lid is sure to close, change the water daily, the storage temperature is the same as in the method described earlier. Avoid storing cucumbers in the same package with apples, bananas, tomatoes, cantaloupe that emit ethylene gas, which is harmful to these delicate green vegetables.


Like cucumbers, tomatoes do not tolerate cold. At temperatures below 150 C in the structure are irreversible changes, the delicate membranes within the vegetable are destroyed, their texture becomes loose, and the fruits lose their natural taste and aroma. To avoid this, the tomatoes should be put the stems up in a container with low sides and place them away from direct sunlight with access to natural daylight. You can put on the window sill in direct sunlight unripe tomatoes for they gained the required level of ripeness. For uniform ripening it is desirable to rotate them around its axis several times during the day. The recommended shelf life of Mature fruit 5-6 days, after this time the fruit over-ripens and inside them begin the putrefaction process. Because tomatoes perfectly absorb odors, keep them away from other fruit and vegetables with a strong aroma.

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