How to choose a quality hot dogs, sausages and shpikachki

Natural quality and safe for health of mouth-watering foods is now very small, and therefore when buying them, you should be very careful.

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hot dogs, Sausages and shpikachki

The fundamental difference in method of preparation and formulation between the sausages and wieners not. They differ only in form and appearance: the hot dogs — long and thin, sausage – thick and short. As for shpikachek, they, figuratively speaking, are the same sausage in the stuffing which added small pieces of pork fat, it is to him they owe their name. Initially, the raw material for sausages served pork at the moment for their preparation is still used by beef and poultry meat. In addition to ground beef in the composition of frankfurters and wieners is an emulsion made from offal, waste meat production, shredded pork and chicken skin. I almost forgot to mention the obligatory ingredients of modern products – food additives and preservatives. After you fill in the prepared stuffing natural casings of pig intestines or their artificial analogues of cellophane or polyamide, future sausages expensive grades are sent to the smoke by the smoke of sawdust of deciduous trees, or processed "liquid smoke" — the liquid simulating smell of smoke. After cooking and roasting in the steam-air mixture sausages and small sausages are cooled and distributed to retail outlets.

Title, state Standards and technical specifications

The first thing you should pay attention when choosing these yummy products – their name. Like many other products, a variety of sausages, made according to GOST can be identified by their name. "Milk", "Special", "Amateur" and "Cream" — the product of high quality, "Beef" and "Russian" — the first. In such semi-finished products, according to food standards, must not contain starch and soybeans. A whole different ball game hot dogs, sausages and shpikachki, made according to technical conditions (TU). Recipe "Amateur beer", "Milk village", "sharp Special" and similar manufacturer develops their own, so quite often the meat content in these products can range from 10 to 20%.

selection Rules

Shriveled or slimy specimens should immediately disqualify – their shelf life has long expired. Fresh and high-quality semi-finished products should be dry, at least – slightly damp. Too soft sausage that does not return its shape after pressing on it, contains a fair amount of protein supplements. Quality sausage though can be a touch more loose and somewhat milder sausage, but still needs to be elastic, with a dense shell. Bouillon fat and swelling that can be seen through the envelope unerringly pointing to the fact that for the preparation of the product used poor quality meat that contain plenty of fat and tendons, in either the minced meat was added too much water. Cut sausage or bratwurst, carefully look at it. Intense pink or red color of the slice indicates a large number of dyes added to the meat, and stuffed with preservatives the product will have an unnaturally dark color. Inside quality natural sausages needs to be expressionless gray-pink in color and have large voids. If the house has a cat or a dog, cut from a small piece of sausage and invite them. In case of failure of animals to feast on appetizing appearance of the product, follow their example. Cooking the sausages long you need to cook just 2-3 minutes of their stay in boiling water. A message that the sausages will be flipping them in the water. During cooking the sausages should not swell and fall apart, and the water in which they were cooked, after cooking should remain transparent and not to be salty.

shelf Life

If you are lucky with the choice and you have brought from the store sausages in a natural casing, don't hide them away in the fridge. Their shelf life is 48 hours, so better eat it the same day. The same sausages, but with the addition of artificial preservatives "live" twice as long – up to 96 hours. 10 days to save the properties of the sausages in polyamide or cellophane packages. The record for the duration of storage are frozen sausages or wieners, wrapped in vacuum packaging. In a freezer at -180 With them can be safely stored for up to 60 days. Armed with our instructions, choose natural quality hot dogs and sausages, poach them, fry pan or barbeque grill, reheat in the microwave and enjoy their special aroma and taste! Bon appétit!

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