How to make pickled cucumbers. A classic recipe of pickled cucumbers

What could be better than crunchy pickled cucumber? Only with the same crunchy pickles! We offer you a classic recipe of pickled cucumbers.

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Preparing cucumbers for pickling

Please note that the variety of cucumbers for canning, must be zasolochnymi. Cucumbers such varieties have homogenous dense structure without voids inside. Thoroughly washing the cucumbers, they must be soaked in cold water for 3-4 hours. If the kitchen is the summer heat, the time of soaking cucumbers to prevent them from souring should be reduced to 2 hours. The soaking procedure is performed with only one purpose – to soak cucumbers in water, so in the process of closing they had not absorbed the marinade. Otherwise, the following will occur: after a day or two after canning part of the marinade is absorbed in the porous structure of the cucumbers and you'll enter the Bank with the fruit is half-full of marinade.

Handling of cans and lids

Here not much to tell: carefully washed glass jars are sterilized by steam over a boiling pot in the water or in a heated oven. Sterilization of lids for canning is the boiling water. Stay lids in boiling water for 5 minutes sufficient to kill all bacteria and germs on its surface.


Next will be described formulation, based on the capacity of banks to 1 l, in the case of pickling cucumbers for cans of greater capacity, the amount of ingredients should be increased in proportion. At the bottom of each sterilized one-litre pitcher cans should be stacked 3-4 cloves of garlic, a small slice red hot pepper, 1 dill umbrella and a leaf of horseradish, or cut into several parts a small stub. By the way, almost the same ingredients are used in the classic version of pickling cucumbers. Putting it in a jar close to each other cucumbers, they must pour the marinade in a quart jar will need about 800 ml. it is Prepared as follows: 700 ml of water dilute 1 tablespoon of sugar and the same number of large kitchen salt. Small salt use is not recommended, because it added protivosvertawate substances, from which the marinade can become cloudy and covered with a fine film on the surface. Bringing the solution to boiling, left to add 100 ml of 9% vinegar and thoroughly stir. The vinegar needed to neutralize the microorganisms that lead to spoilage of fresh cucumbers. Cans of vegetables, filled with hot marinade, you need to cover the top lids, and then set in a wide pan located on the stove and filled with hot water in such quantity that the water level was a little less of the height of the cans. Including under the pan a fire and armed with a thermometer, it is necessary to periodically measure the temperature of the marinade inside the cans. When it reaches 740, banks remove from the pan, cover and roll. After the completion of the seaming banks need to turn upside down and leave in this position to cool down to room temperature. In any case, banks not hidden by a blanket or blanket, otherwise the pickles "cook" and become soft. Pickles can be stored at room temperature, but still better to place them in bol cool place – a cellar or basement. It is desirable to give the cucumbers to "brew" within 1-2 months and only then to taste them. Bon appétit!

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