How to sterilize glass jars. Easy ways to sterilize jars

To ensure that homework is securely preserved for the long winter, before canning you need to perform the sterilization of cans.

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prep work

Before proceeding to sterilization, the cans must be carefully checked for chips, cracks and other damage. Do not tempt fate – the use for sterilization and subsequent canning only a whole a glass container. After selecting the appropriate banks, they should be thoroughly washed. Please refrain from using foaming cleansers, because even after thorough rinsing on the surface of glass containers will remain a thin film of detergent. It is best to use the old tried and tested baking soda.


The easiest and probably the most common method of sterilization, which was used by our grandmothers. Despite the development of scientific and technological progress, steam sterilization of cans has not lost its relevance and is in demand, as many years ago, when there was no steamer or microwave ovens. A pot filled with water, put on fire, when the water in the pot is boiling, remove the lid and put the pan on the grid, a divider or a special cover with a hole diameter equal to the diameter of the mouth of the can. Top grid or cover with hole is put one or more cans upside down. All the steam sterilization process began. Its duration depends on the capacity of the banks. The volume of banks, l 0,5 0,75 1 2 3 The sterilization time, min 7 10 15 20 25 To keep a table in memory, you can focus on the appearance of the banks. The moment when its inner surface was covered with large drops of water, which, uniting, form larger streams, actively running down the side walls down, can be considered the completion of the sterilization process.

sterilised by boiling

Fill jars to the top with water and set in the pan, the bottom of which lay a wooden plank or piece of thick fabric. Fill the pot with water so that it covered the necks of jars. Together with banks are placed in a pan and lids for canning. Include the fire and bring water to a boil. Treatment time jars by boiling, same as in the case of sterilization, steam them, so feel free to use the above table.

Processing jars in a double boiler

Placing thoroughly washed cans and cover them in a double boiler, we have to include the helper in the kitchen for 15 minutes in a boiling mode, then it will do everything itself. A very convenient way, it is a pity that in my steamer do not fit a three-liter banks.

Sterilisation in the microwave

Prepare glass jars for preservation using the microwave is also not difficult. Jars without lids poured water height of approximately 2 cm are installed in the microwave and within 5 minutes processed electromagnetic waves of high frequency power is 800 watts. The only negative – not every Bank is placed the microwave with a volume of 3 liters, so you have to put it on the side, pour in it water.

sterilization of the jars in the oven

Put the washed jars in the oven on the grill bottoms up, fire up the oven, putting the value of its temperature is 1500 C, and upon reaching the set temperature, process them within the time specified in the already known table. Do not forget together with the banks to load into the oven cover. Good luck to you! Let you will succeed!

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