How to choose a coconut. The details of the choice fruits of the coconut

So after opening the coconut you are not disappointed due to the fact that the fruit was spoiled and inedible, it is imperative to have selection criteria.

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Taking the fruit in hand, look closely at his skin. It must be whole, no visible cracks or chips. It happens that during transport, the coconut shell bursts, the milk formed a crack through stems, and the inside of the fruit rot. On the surface of coconut also not be stained with liquid stains and mildew. Note the color of the rind than it is darker, the more coconut the time spent in transit or in the warehouse of the supermarket. You know – the shell is fresh and recently imported coconuts are always lighter than in fruits with a decent shelf life. The number of fibers on the skin of the fruit, "volosistoj", in no way related to its quality , so when choosing a coconut on the figure to pay attention not worth it. At the end of the inspection peel smell, not does the fruit smell fermented or rotten?


These are those of the 3rd eye or hole on one side of the coconut, covered with a thin layer of skin. Click on them with your finger. If pressing the skin in the area of ovules bent, do not buy this fruit, he has already begun to deteriorate. It is desirable that the color of the ovules was slightly darker skin. Otherwise you risk to buy old fruit with firm flesh, which has an unpleasant soapy aftertaste.

What's inside?

That is inside each fruit can be found exclusively after its opening, the only thing you can confirm directly in the store – the existence inside the fruit of the coconut juice. Taking in hand the fruit of coconut tree, shake it. If the splashing sound of the fluid is absent then the coconut is spoiled or shriveled. Remember – the ripe and fresh fruit the juice inside. Advise from coconuts of the same size to give preference to fruits with more weight.We wish that you have purchased the coconut was fresh and ripe! Bon appétit!

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