How to pickle tomatoes. A classic recipe of pickled tomatoes

Salting tomatoes previously was the only way to preserve a bountiful harvest of tomatoes. Time passes, technology advances, and salting remains the same.

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the Selection of tomatoes

For pickling you need to select tomatoes of equal size and degree of ripeness, the best option – slightly unripe tomatoes. We recommend you to opt for a ground varieties of tomatoes, with thin but strong skin. Inside the tomato should be uniformly red, the presence of the white rod is not welcome. After a careful selection of tomatoes, with a rejection of tarnished and damaged copies, they will be thoroughly washed in cold water, then you can start salting.

Packing tomatoes in jars

I hope that broom for pickling you have either prepared or purchased from the grandmothers trading in the same market tomatoes. It typically consists of stems and umbrellas dill, horseradish leaves, cherries and currants. Zasolochny cut the broom into pieces with a length of about 6-8 cm, in each washed and sterilized three-liter jars need to put on handfuls of this powdered composition. Should consume only half Zabolotnogo broom, the other half will be used later. It's time to lay out the tomatoes on banks. The procedure is simple, during the bookmarks make sure that the tomatoes were Packed tightly, but not damaged from excessive pressure. At the same time with the tomatoes in each jar, you should put 3-4 cloves of garlic. Spread the remaining half of the crushed Zabolotnogo broom on banks on top of the tomatoes, you can proceed to the next stage of salting.

Preparation and filling of the brine

To prepare the brine, it is desirable to use spring water – tomatoes, salted with the use of such water will be simply incomparable. If such water is not present, it can be replaced or artesian water from deep wells. In a pinch you can use tap water, but only after thoroughly cleaning it with household water filter. Now about salt. Do not try to take for salting tomatoes or crushed iodized salt. The tomatoes will taste bitter, and the process of fermentation may either not begin or take place unpredictably. To obtain a tasty pickled tomatoes use only coarse salt. How much salt to put in the brine? There are many recipes, each with specified proportions, sometimes markedly different from each other. However, almost all of them lead to positive results and excellent taste of the finished product. The reason for such a diversity of recipes? It's very simple: tomatoes in the process of taking pickles out of the brine just as much salt as they need, no more and no less. Therefore, we recommend 1 liter of water put 3-4 large tablespoons of rock salt and the tomatoes provide an opportunity to become impregnated with salt as much as they need it. The next question that arises is the person who first took on the salting of tomatoes: "How much brine you need to prepare?" It all depends on the size of the tomatoes and the density of their packing, to fill the 3-liter cans of tomatoes will need between 0.5 to 1 liter of brine. Not to be trapped, cook it with stock. Dissolving in boiling water the right amount of salt, you need to give the brine a bit (5-7 minutes) to cool, and then pour it to the banks.

Final part

Cans of tomatoes, filled to the top with brine, it is necessary for 2-3 days in a warm place to start fermentation. After the brine a little cloudy, and the formation of gas bubbles will be visible to the naked eye, banks should be tightly resealed kapron lids and put in a cool place: in the refrigerator, cellar or basement. After 2 weeks, the tomatoes are ready to eat – bubble with a thin skin and a piquant spicy-salty taste. Bon appétit!

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