How to cook marmalade. Cooking the marmalade with your own hands

What attracts the ability to prepare marmalade at home? Of course, natural ingredients and no food additives.

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Natural base of marmalade

The main ingredient of marmalade is the natural base made with fruit or berries, there are also recipes of marmalade, prepared on the basis of dairy products or vegetables. Initially, the fruits are subjected to heat treatment (boiled or baked ), and then crushed by rubbing through a sieve or skip through Mincer with a fine grid. The resulting puree is then used as the basis for making marmalade. In addition to puree, the raw material for natural substrates of marmalade may be the juice made from berries, fruit or vegetables.


To make the marmalade I took such form that we are accustomed to eat them, it should thicken. No problems with thickening of marmalade, made with apples, pears, apricots, oranges, and indeed all citrus fruits. All these fruits contains natural gelling agent – pectin. If the marmalade is made from natural ingredients, containing a small amount of pectin, the marmalade should enter the thickener. It can be a pectin additive in the form of puree or juice the above fruits, you can add gelatin, often also using the thickener agar-agar, extracted from seaweed.

the Technology of preparation of marmalade

Puree, juice, or milk product must be heated, to introduce into it the sugar, the amount of which will depend on the hardness of marmalade and, if necessary, add pectin, gelatin or agar-agar. After that, the marmalade boil until, until it thickens. To check if it is ready enough to put on a flat surface a small drop of the marmalade, if it will not melt and will retain its shape — the marmalade is ready. Remained cool slightly and pour the prepared jelly. Variants of molds and containers for the finished marmalade. If it is cooked in soft form, with a little sugar, jujube can be poured into small glass jars, closing the lids. If the composition of the marmalade a lot of sugar and after cooling it promises to be solid, it is poured into prepared molds or pour on a baking tray lined paper for baking. After cooling, the resulting layer of marmalade remains to knife it in the form of various geometric shapes. And using molds for cookies, cut slices of marmalade in the form of amusing figures. And, you can make a layered jelly using its different varieties. Bay in the form or on a baking marmalade, let it cool, then poured on top of jelly different color and type. So repeated several times. To make the marmalade more attractive and expressive, his pieces adorn, sprinkling sugar, powdered sugar or coconut shavings.

a Few homemade marmalade recipes

To 1 kg of orange pulp, shredded to the state puree, add 100 ml of lemon juice and 1 kg of sugar, bring to a boil and cook until tender. To 1 liter of juice made from fresh red currants, add 1 kg of sugar, bring to a boil and cook until desired degree of density. 1 kg of apples cut into slices, removing the core, then bake in the oven and RUB through a sieve. To the resulting puree add 0.5 kg of sugar and cook until tender. Bon appétit!

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