How to make candy Raffaello. Overseas treat Raffaello with your own hands

High-quality and natural ingredients, no food additives, simple recipe and technology of cooking. This time — prepare candy Raffaello.

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Cooking basics

The first thing to do is to melt 150 g of butter. Some sources suggest to do this by placing a pan of oil on fire. We strongly disagree with this technology, since there is a big risk to bring the oil to boiling, but we need it just to soften. That's why we strongly recommend to heat the oil in a water bath. One more thing: the chocolates were tasty, use butter with a fat content of at least 75. In melted butter should be added 2/3 of a standard can of condensed milk and mix thoroughly. That the mixture is as homogeneous as possible, you can gently whip it with a whisk or blender. Be careful not to overdo it with whipping, or you will get cream! The butter and the condensed milk you have to add 200 g of coconut flakes, then mix well. The resulting mass should be placed for 3 hours in the refrigerator to gel.

prepare the toppings

Further work will need about 100 g of almonds. If its not, don't worry – it can be replaced with hazelnuts or peanuts. Do not forget to remove them from the shell or rind, if available. The finished treats will be incomparable taste, if you use already roasted nuts or roast them yourself in a skillet with a little vegetable oil.

candy maker

Remove from the refrigerator a basis, proceed to the moulding of her small balls. To candy were the same size, for dosage basis it is convenient to use a tea or dessert spoons. Contrary to fears, this procedure is fairly simple, as the basis for the stay in the fridge became dense and moderately plastic. The mixture does not stick to the palms, it is recommended to moisten them in cold water. Rolled up inside the ball use your finger to push the nut, and then hide the hole and give the ball the correct spherical shape. Final part: spilling in a wide, shallow dish or bowl about 100 g of coconut left in it to roll the prepared ball. Cooked candy is recommended to spread out on the plate in a single layer and refrigerate. The delicacy is ready! Bon appétit!

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