How to open a coconut. The secret of fast opening a coconut

Advertising campaign for the chocolate bar bounty, the fruit of coconut falling from a palm tree, hitting the sand splits into two halves. How open coconut in real life?

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The fruit of the coconut palm has long ceased to be a rarity, however, many people refrain from buying them because of the uncertainty that we will be able to open them.

coconut milk Pumping

Before proceeding to the opening of the coconut, you need to drain the juice out of it. The procedure is quite simple and usually does not cause difficulties. Rather thin and sharp object (a narrow knife, awl or corkscrew) to pierce a hole in one of the three ocelli, placed on one side of a coconut. To speed up the process of pumping of coconut milk, it is better to implement the hole in not one, but two, and even better – in three ovules. In one of the drilled holes is inserted a cocktail stick, and the other two are used for compensation of pressure differences in the atmosphere and inside the coconut, in other words – to enter the fetus of air. Coconut juice to drink directly through a straw, can be drained in a small bowl and chill before serving, experienced cooks use it for cooking various exotic sauces. One coconut a fruit contains between 50 to 150 ml of juice slightly sweet.

opening the coconut

This method is based on the knowledge of the fruit of the coconut. The fact that his shell there is a line to natural fault. It is easy to find, you need to mentally draw a line (parallel) departing from the side of a coconut with three ovules about a third of its diameter. Then as you draw a mental line down the middle of the coconut fruit (the equator). Held between the parallel and the equator will be the same line of a natural fault. Now you're armed with a solid massive knife or a hammer, place the coconut on a wooden cutting Board and, holding the fruit with one hand, and to inflict a short, but fairly strong blow with a blunt side of the knife blade or the sharp part of the hammer on the intended line of the natural fault. Don't forget to turn the coconut around its axis – the line of fracture needs to be treated. After a few minutes of focused work in the place of tapping will crack. Adding a knife and a little pressure, the coconut fruit can be quite easily split into two parts. It remains to separate the coconut meat from its shell. For this procedure it is convenient to use an ordinary tablespoon, drawing it between the flesh and the shell of the nut. The high quality and fresh coconut flesh separates easily and quickly. If it is not – you bought the fruit had been plucked green and "ripened" on the way to your table. Poorly separated the flesh and over-ripe or dry coconuts. If the manipulation of a knife or a hammer cause you difficulties, you can open the coconut easier to put him in two nested one into another durable plastic bag, find a concrete floor or a pole and, holding the handles of the bag and swinging properly, to put them to the concrete. The first time the coconut is unlikely to crack, but with the second or third – no problem! Let you will succeed! Bon appétit!

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