How to cook liver pate. The secrets of making pate from the liver

Cooking liver pate at home does not require any special cooking skills, the recipe is simple, and the taste is great!

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prep work

The main component of liver pate, as the name implies, is the liver, and can be used as beef and pork, chicken, goose liver or a combination of both, we recommend to prepare the pate to stay on cow's liver. The quality and freshness of the liver will depend on the taste of the finished dish, so make sure that your chosen product was fresh. The smell of fresh liver should be slightly sweet (but not musty), and the appearance is moderately dark. Choosing 1 kg of fresh and high-quality liver, the first thing you need to clean it from the films. It is most convenient to perform this procedure, when the liver is polysaturated condition. Lost tapes should be cut bile ducts, otherwise the taste of cooked dishes will inevitably be present bitterness. Upon completion, the liver should be rinsed under running water.

Cooking paste

The liver having been cut into big cubes, spread it on a heated pan with vegetable oil. Until the pieces of liver are roasted, you need to finely chop 2-3 onions and the same number of medium size carrots, then add them to the pan with the cubes of liver. To ensure that the pie was softer, it is recommended to send in the pan a few slices of lard. Protasiv the contents of the pan and bringing it to readiness, future paste salt and pepper to taste. The cooled mass was left mince (preferably twice) with the addition of 200 g of butter or grind using a blender with the addition of oil. Liver pate is ready.


The ascetic way of obtaining liver pate is shifting it in the container or other form, followed by smearing on sandwiches. You can make him small figures of animals and adorned them with greenery, berries and grated butter. One of the most common kinds of pate – a production of the roll. Spread out on a tray or right on the table a piece of cling film, should be spread on it a thin layer of smooth pate in the shape of a rectangle. Slightly rasmagin about 100 grams of butter, put a thin layer across the surface of the pate. Left to roll the pate into a log and send it in the fridge to cool, and before serving – cut into small slices.The combination of the taste of blood from the liver to the taste of fat from butter and taste of caramel from the roasted carrots and onions will make the dish original and unique, so much so that to resist the temptation to eat another slice of liver pate will be simply impossible. Bon appétit!

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