How to cook adjika. Adjika is a classic and with the addition of vegetables

Options and recipes for adzhika is countless. We offer to your attention two of the recipe of this seasoning: classic and with the addition of vegetables.

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Classic adjika

Real Georgian or Abkhazian adjika is not the sauce, not spicy ketchup and not gravy, which is called "Adjika" hardworking Housewives prepare every year in late summer or early fall. This adjika is a thick paste of hot peppers, garlic, salt and spices. And that's it. No tomatoes, apples and carrots. The only thing done except for peppers. It is added to bit "to reduce the degree of" seasoning, making it acceptable to a wide range of customers, most often for guests who are not accustomed to the spicy dishes of Caucasian cuisine. Proportions during cooking classic adjika is not a prerequisite, except that the proportion of hot peppers in the finished dish should be approximately one third of the total volume. Everything else – garlic and spices. Cut in a blender or grinder pods hot pepper, cleaned of seeds and legs, add several crushed cloves of garlic. In addition to the crushed seeds of cilantro (coriander), which is an essential ingredient of adjika in the future put the seasonings hmeli-suneli or utskho suneli (fenugreek blue or fenugreek), fennel seeds and saffron. Left the whole thing with salt, giving preference to large kitchen or sea salt and mix thoroughly. In the case of cooking "light version" adzhika with the addition of sweet pepper in the seasoning so that it could be preserved longer, add a small amount of vinegar.

Adjika with the addition of vegetables

If an explosive mixture of pepper and garlic, cited above, makes you fear the possibility of its use in food, offer to cook a milder version of adjika is with the addition of vegetables. Problems with cooking should arise: cut in a meat grinder or blender 2 kg ripe tomatoes, 3 heads of garlic, 300 grams of sweet and 10 pods of hot pepper, combine all ingredients and mix thoroughly. To make the eggplant softer, you can enter in the recipe 0.5 kg of juicy carrots and two or three apples, which, as you guessed, is also crushed. It remains to add 2 teaspoons of salt (preferably coarse grind) and mix thoroughly. In this form ready seasoning has a pretty short shelf life, so if adjika harvest for future use, it must be subjected to heat treatment – boil on the fire for 30-40 minutes, add 2 tablespoons of vinegar, pour into sterilized jars and seal. Instead of boiling you can use aspirin – to add to raw ajike acetylsalicylic acid, based on the calculation in 2 milled powdered aspirin tablets in 1 litre of ready spices. Observe moderation in the use of adjika in food, often uncontrolled enthusiasm of the seasoning ends with gastritis or gastroduodenitis.If during a meal with the participation of adzhika you felt a sharp burning sensation in the esophagus, do not try to "smother" it with water – the discomfort will only get worse. Take a small amount of butter or follow with a food eaten with milk, sour cream or lactic acid products. Bon appétit!

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