How to distinguish pork from beef

Are there many among the readers of the article people able to accurately distinguish beef from pork? Do not rush to answer, first read the publication.

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Why so serious the ability to distinguish one type of meat from another? The main reason is the dishonesty of some sellers on the market trying under the guise of beef to sell the meat of a pig who died of old age, and a young veal, sometimes with success "vparivayut" trusting the buyer under the guise of pork. But the buyer is picky for a reason. In some diseases the use of one type of meat may be useful and can harm the health. In diseases of the gastrointestinal tract gastritis, gastroduodenitis and gastric ulcer not recommended the consumption of pork meat. In the case of Allergy to cow's milk protein dishes of beef or veal is absolutely contraindicated. Do not leave without attention and restrictions on the eating of meat, the blend of different religions and faiths. Orthodox Jews and Muslims eat beef and mutton, however, the proposal serves a dish of pork will be perceived as an insult. For Hindus where the cow is a sacred animal, eating beef or veal is terrible and neiskupimym sin.


To distinguish raw from pork beef by the color. The color of the beef will compete with the color of ripe raspberries, beef will be less saturated color, pork also differs from them in color, ranging from pale pink to pink. Should know about the tricks some sellers trying using dyes to give the old pork more dark and rich color. To recognize this meat by blotting it with a white cloth. Unnaturally bright spots on the cloth, which will unmistakably indicate an attempted tampering of the product. Sometimes Vice versa — young veal dipped in vinegar to completely discourage meat dairy smell and sell it as pork. Sensing the coming from meat even a faint odor of vinegar, go shopping from this place away, we offer you a piece of meat or a forgery, or at all damaged, and therefore unsuitable for human consumption. Pork, subjected to heat treatment, brightens, becoming almost white, cooked beef, too discolored, but the color gray. Most often pork fried or baked, because during cooking the fat contained in it, makes it tougher. Beef, because of its hardness, requires more time to prepare, but because of his or stewed, or boiled.

the Smell

Speaking of smells, veal clearly resembles milk, beef also has a dairy aroma, but weaker, and pork should smell any blood, or not have a strong smell at all. Beef consists of large and hard muscle fibers, profusely dotted with streaks, pork meat fibers are much smaller and softer, and the meat has a smoother surface. We wish that the dishes prepared by you as of pork, and beef, were delicious and healthy! Bon appétit!

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