How to choose coffee beans. Grinding coffee, degree of roast and other wisdom

What determines, cheer coffee for its fortress, or will it be to caress a light aroma and mild flavor? The answer is simple – from choosing the beans from which it is prepared.

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Arabica, Robusta and other

Major varieties of coffee used to prepare the magic potion are Arabica and Robusta. The Arabica bean is a seeds of the Arabian coffee tree growing in the highlands. The harvest of Arabica coffee bushes depends on many natural factors: soil quality, sun and humidity. Harvested Arabica exclusively by hand, they are large, have a slightly elongated shape. The taste of Arabica coffee is mild, with barely perceptible acidity, the flavor is thick and rich. Robusta get to harvest the seeds of the Congolese coffee tree, mostly growing in the lowlands and, unlike their Arabian counterparts, are more resistant to vagaries of weather, disease and pests. Robusta beans are rounded, with dimensions inferior to Arabica beans. The harvest of Robusta is industrial way. The taste of Robusta is bitter and full-bodied, but caffeine content is higher than that of Arabica. In addition to the Arabica and Robusta there are a few varieties of coffee: liberica, Deaver and excelsa, however, their share in the market of coffee is very, very small. The variety of brands of coffee due to a huge number of blends, created by mixing together different types of Arabica or a mix of Arabica and Robusta in various proportions, sometimes blending in a small amount is present and liberica. In pure form any Robusta or liberica are not used due to the extremely bitter taste.

the Grind

From the fineness of grind directly affects the way of making coffee. So, coffee coarse grinding (with time processing in an ordinary coffee grinder for about 10 seconds) consists of particles with a size of about 0.8 mm. is Prepared in a household coffee maker or in a French press. Extraction time (extraction) this coffee is from 6 to 8 minutes. To obtain coffee medium grind grain crushed in a coffee grinder for 13 seconds. For the preparation of coffee medium grind is better to use a drip coffee extraction time coffee 4-6 minutes. Fine ground coffee is obtained by processing in a coffee grinder for 18-20 seconds. The steeping time is from 1 to 4 minutes. The preferred method of cooking – using coffee makers with a cone filter. Fine espresso grind get in the grinding of coffee beans from 26 to 30 seconds. The drink is prepared in the espresso coffee machines by passing jets of steam through the coffee. Ultrafine coffee grinding is composed of particles of very small size, resulting in long-term treatment of grains in a coffee grinder. This coffee is brewed in a cezve, or cezve.


The stronger roasted coffee beans, the richer and more expressive the taste and darker color. Grain with light (Scandinavian) degree of roasting are light brown in color, their texture slightly watery, and the taste is a bit sour. Drink from the beans of the Scandinavian the degree of roasting also blends well with cream or milk, has a delicate aroma and delicate taste. The average (American) the degree of roasting coffee beans gives them a chocolate brown color. The prepared drink has a pronounced flavor and rich taste. Coffee bean after a strong (French) roasting acquire a rich brown color. The aroma of the prepared beverage is bright, taste it – bitter or sweet-bitter. The bitter coffee with the most distinct flavor is obtained from grains subjected to a maximum (Italian) the degree of roasting. They cannot be confused with other, because their color is a dark brown to almost black. Remember that coffee beans at home permanently loses its flavor and aroma after a week of storage, so when purchasing, give preference to small packs that contain no more than 200 grams of beans. Coffee beans must be of the same colour, intact, with a smooth surface without chips and cracks. If the grain is divided into halves, the parts must be smooth and symmetrical. Bon appétit!

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