How to make mozzarella. Preparing a young Italian cheese

It is used for pizzas, lasagne, pies, casseroles, salads and various cold snacks. Meet a young mozzarella cheese.

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In his homeland the administrative district Campaign, classic mozzarella cheese prepared exclusively from milk of black Buffalo. Cheese made from normal cow's milk for a simplified recipe, its taste will not be much different from the original.

is the ferment Preparation

The first thing to take care of the milk coagulating enzyme, because without it, prepare the mozzarella, however, like other cheeses, it will be almost impossible. Because to get hold of natural calf rennet enzyme you are unlikely, as a substitute we recommend to use the enzyme "Mate". It is made in Japan from vegetable food of the fungus by the method of drying and fermentation. "Mate" contains 1 g of rennet and Packed in strong moisture resistant bags. To make cheese you will need 0.1 g of mate, which is 1/10 part of the bag. Stealth, how to measure out such a tiny amount of powder, we shared in a publication about cooking at home hard cheese. These 0.1 g mate must be dissolved in 100 g of boiled cold water. Another mandatory ingredient – citric acid. 3 teaspoons of citric acid powder to dissolve in 100 g of the same cold boiled water. Poured into the pot 8 litres of cold high quality and fresh milk, not subjected to pasteurization and boiling, must be added to the previously prepared solution of citric acid and mix thoroughly.

Water bath

To comply with the technology of preparation of mozzarella you will need to rig up a water bath in a large pot with 1-2 liters of water to insert the pan with the milk and citric acid and turn on the fire. When the milk temperature reaches 350 C, thereto was added a solution mate and mix thoroughly. After that the pot and close the lid, adjusting the power of fire, keep the temperature of the leaven within 35-360 C for 30 minutes. During this time leaven is strictly forbidden to disturb by stirring. After half an hour the milk in the pot should turn into a thick curd of homogeneous structure and serum. The resulting clot is cut with a knife into cubes approximately 2x2 cm, and then, occasionally stirring the cubes of cheese in the future for another half an hour, bring the temperature of the serum to 42-430 S. During this time the cubes of cheese will decrease in size, become more dense and will sink to the bottom of the pan. Now future the mozzarella should be allowed to ripen, shifting the pieces in a colander or sieve.

Cooking mozzarella

After 3-4 hours, when the whey will drain and the curd is compacted, it is cut into strips or cubes, put into pan and pour hot water whose temperature is from 80 to 850 C. the Amount of water should be such as to cover the curd layer thickness of 2-3 cm Within 5-10 minutes the pieces of cheese you have to lift, flip and stir, using a wooden spatula. If after this time the pot was formed of a homogeneous and elastic, resembling chewing gum mass, you can proceed to the formation of cheese. Separating one hand from the total cheese mass a small piece, stretch it, fold it a few times, and then use it to build a bulb, pigtail or braid. The formed pieces must be laid in salted water or whey and put in the fridge. After 2 hours, you can get mozzarella from the brine and to enjoy the taste of Italian cheese made with their own hands. Bon appétit!

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