How to choose instant coffee. What to look for when buying instant coffee

Choose instant high quality coffee, not the drink its taste and smell, given the abundance of species and varieties of coffee in the stores, not so simple.

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Inexhaustible love of instant coffee for much of the former Soviet space is simple – to prepare such coffee should not be boiled, just pour the granules or powder in hot water, and both the taste and aroma of a truly high-quality instant coffee is virtually indistinguishable from the ground. A considerable role in its popularity played and reasonable prices for the product.

Types of soluble coffee

Powdered instant coffee is obtained by roasting raw coffee beans, followed by crushing into small particles. Next, using hot water is fed under pressure, they extract soluble fragments, which are then filtered and dried. Granulated coffee is prepared on a similar technology by adding at the end of the technological process of processing of coffee powder with steam under high pressure, with the result that he turns into tiny lumps. Quite otherwise prepared or freeze-dried coffee: a decoction prepared from ground coffee beans, freeze it, then vacuum extract the water, and then crushed into pellets. It is freeze-dried instant coffee to the greatest extent preserves the taste, aroma and useful properties of natural coffee.


Particles and the coffee granules in dissolved form should be about the same size. The presence of foreign material will indicate that the product has been prepared not only (and sometimes not so much) from coffee beans, but using different additives in the form of ground grain cereal. Unlike ground coffee, the color of the coffee granules instant coffee in any way on the quality of the coffee is not affected, since it depends solely on the characteristics of its processing in the manufacturing process. I advise you to pay attention to their form of coffee, which granules have sharp edges, be of higher quality than the pellets which have curved edges.

Packaging, the composition of coffee and its validity

Packaging of instant coffee can be any, as to the safety of the product are not affected, whether it is Packed in metal or glass jars, vacuum packs or foil package. Ideally, the composition of instant coffee should not be for more natural ingredients in the form of chicory, figs, barley and other crops. The only supplements that have the right to enter its body – those without which his pellets will lose shape and strength. Pay attention to the expiration date of the product – the smaller it is, the better the coffee. The reason is simple: the shelf life of the product can be increased solely by the addition of various preservatives, so the shelf life of coffee is indicative of a minimum number of food additives in it. Don't forget to make sure that the product is not expired.

the Degree and rate of dissolution

While the title of coffee contains the word "soluble" or "instant", it should be dissolved not only in hot but also in cold water. The quality coffee will dissolve faster than anyone else, and will be dissolved completely without sediment. Prevents the water on the surface of undissolved particles, this pattern is evidence of heterogeneity of the composition of coffee. Let your coffee gives you vigour and energy, rejoicing by its unique taste and aroma! Bon appétit!

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