How to separate egg yolk from the protein. The separation of the white from the yolk without the use of separator

Have you ever had to stop cooking meals, reading in his recipe, the phrase "separate the yolks from the whites"? Actually to separate the protein from the yolk just.

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If your kitchen has a separator for separating the whites from the yolks, separating the contents of chicken (or any other) eggs on whites and yolks should not cause any difficulties. No matter what is the shape of a separator made in the form of cups, spoons or plates, with this he can do it quickly and efficiently. And what if such a miracle-devices don't have?


Natbib the shell in the middle of the eggs with a fork or blunt side of knife (to avoid damaging the yolk), egg quick and confident movement broken into two parts, holding it from opposite sides of the fingertips of both hands. Part of the protein in the process of breaking in will drain in advance of the substituted plate or bowl. The rest is drained from the egg, shifting, or gently pouring the contents of the egg from one half to another and not allowing the yolk to fall down to the plate. After several repetitions in one of the halves of the shell will remain intact and the yolk, in the same plate will be found separated egg white. Despite the apparent simplicity of the method, for the perfect execution of technique will need a certain skill, which must appear after the first unsuccessful attempts.

Using the funnel

If the farm has a funnel with a narrow spout to invent anything not necessary — you can use it. Otherwise, the device in the form of a funnel, you can do it yourself, turning it from a sheet of plain paper. The improvised spout of the funnel should be cut a little diagonally, as though with it – thanks to this small trick the separation process will go faster. Then you have to nambiti the egg shell, break it and pour the contents into the funnel. Placing the spout of the funnel over the bowl will have to wait a bit for a few seconds, during which a protein under the influence of earth's gravity will result in a bowl and the yolk, having a higher density, will remain in the funnel.

a Plastic bottle in the role of separator

Fairly new, original and convenient way to separate egg yolk. All that is required to implement tasks – empty and clean plastic bottle, for example, of mineral water. It's best to use to realize the goal of a bottle with a capacity of 1 L. Natbib shell and broke it, the egg contents have to be poured into a bowl. Holding an empty plastic bottle with unscrewed the cork down the neck, you need to compress it on the sides, displacing some of the air. Holding the neck of the bottle to the yolk, the touch of fingers should gradually weaken. The walls of the bottle will begin to be straightened, trying by the forces of elasticity to restore the original volume of the bottle. Created in this vacuum will draw air inside the plastic container the egg yolk, the protein will remain in the bowl. To take the yolk out of the bottle, just squeeze it on the sides. You can divide the contents of the egg yolk and white, pour it on the palm. Protein through fingers slightly diluted will drain in the bowl, and the yolk will stay in the hand.Please note that the fresher the egg, the whole and its contents are denser, hence, the easier it will be to share its content on the yolk and white. And yet – I pre-cooled the eggs the process of separating the yolk from the protein easier and faster. Good luck to you! Let you will succeed!

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