How to cook pot roast. Beef stew with potatoes and other vegetables

Lovely roast cooked in pots is that the ingredients in the cooking process cooked, preserving the original taste and maximum nutrients.

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About taste of such dishes can not talk a lot — there is hardly a man able to resist the temptation to taste the tender meat, hot potatoes fragrant and flavorful vegetables braised with seasonings.

prep work

Recommend starting with meat. Usually for making pot roast use pork, however, due to their culinary preferences, you can use veal, and beef, and mutton, and chicken meat. Thoroughly washing with 0.5 kg of meat, it must be cut into pieces. The size and shape of pieces you can choose. Laying out the meat on a preheated frying pan with melted pork fat or butter, fry it lightly for 10 minutes, then spread on a plate. Another component of roast vegetables. Clearing 2 medium sized carrots and the same of onions, cut them into pieces. Carrot – julienne, onion – rings or half rings. They must fry in the same pan, where was roasting meat. The indicator of the readiness of onions and carrots – staining them a light Golden color. In addition to carrots and onions, you can fry a few of tomatoes and sweet pepper, cut into thin slices. Now potatoes. It will need the same amount of meat – a pound. peeled potatoes are in the form of cubes or large straws and fried until half cooked separately from the vegetables. To potatoes turned out rosy, with a small crust, it is recommended to fry in vegetable oil.

Laying in the stewing pots and

Spread on the bottom half of the pots previously cooked potatoes, top it with salt and ground pepper to taste, then spread a layer of meat, again sprinkling it with pepper and salt. The next layer is onions, carrots and tomatoes with sweet pepper. Fried vegetables covered with a layer of the remaining potatoes. Don't forget pepper and salt. It remains to pritrusit on top grated on a grater cheese and to grease with sour cream, cream or mayonnaise (who he loves). Melted cheese and sour cream create a unique protective film that helps to preserve the aroma hot. I almost forgot – add to each pot of approximately 50 ml of boiled water. Covering pots with lids, set them in a cold oven (preheated in the oven cold pots due to temperature changes can burst) and after the air in it is heated to a temperature of 180-2000, extinguish within the hour. To check the readiness of dishes can be pierced with a fork, slice the potatoes. If it is easy, without resistance, pierced or literally falls apart, the roast is almost ready. Why almost? Yes, because in the pots still need to add finely chopped greens and garlic, cover with lids and give to potomitsya roast for 10-15 minutes in the oven is already off. After that pot roast you can bring to the table. Bon appétit!

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