How to clean the fish. The secrets of fast cleaning fish

Many cleaning fish is associated with a boring and monotonous task, the final of which is picking up fish scales scattered throughout the kitchen. However, knowing some of the tricks and secrets, clean fish from the scales for a few minutes.

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Traditional tool used for cleaning fish, is a kitchen knife. Those who fish cleaned yet and had not acquired the necessary experience in the use of a knife to separate the scales, it is recommended to brush the fish with a blunt side of knife. To avoid injury you can brush the fish with a spoon or fork. And there is a special tool, like a scraper. It is easy and secure. For cleaning fish with hard scales (ruff, perch, etc.), it is better to use a special grater. It can be made independently upon a wooden Board a few tin tubes of beer. A good float serve and an empty tin can, the bottom of which a large nail holes punched so that they formed a sharp notch.

prep work

First of all fish should be washed under cool running water. If after washing the fish it took some time, for which the scales are partly dry, the fish should be moistened with cold water — so the process of getting rid of the scales will go much faster. If fish scales are very hard or tight to the skin, it is advised before cleaning, to dip the fish carcass for a few seconds in boiling water. The most important thing is not to overdo it. So while cleaning avoid injury from sharp fish fins, it is desirable to trim or kitchen scissors to cut thin with a sharp knife.

cleaning fish

The main question that was inevitably asked by everyone, at least once in his life cleansed the fish: "How to make fish scales in the cleaning process are not scattered in all directions?" Nothing could be simpler — a clean fish, submerged in a container of water. In this approach, a very rare scale will be able to overcome the resistance layer and the water to fly out from under the knife out. Another solution is to put fish carcass in the spacious, durable and transparent plastic bag, performing all manipulations for cleaning, without removing it from the package. In this case, all the scales will remain in the package without creating additional efforts on cleaning the kitchen after work. If the scales are not flying is a problem, feel free to post the fish on kitchen Board. It is recommended to freeze the fish, its tail pinned to the wooden Board with the awl or any other sharp object. If after that, the fish pulling, holding her fingers behind her head, clearing it from scales will not be easy. Actually the procedure itself is a fish cleaning station is simple and hardly needs any detailed description. Placing the fish head to himself, getting rid of scales should start from the tail, working as a tool against the growth of scales, gradually moving to the head of the fish. After cleaning the fish it was left to disembowel. Having laid the carcass, belly up, with scissors or a kitchen knife, opened fish belly from head to anus. After that, all the innards should be removed, not forgetting to remove the inside of the abdomen brownish film. Fish heads or cut off or out of her gills. After cutting works you will not have to deal with fish smell that had soaked the cutting Board, don't forget to cover it with newspaper or plastic bag. The fish remained rinse thoroughly, and then you can start making from it delicious.Easiest to clean fresh fish. On the market buying fish, or catching it on a fishing trip personally, do not put it in the freezer, putting off cleaning for later, and immediately enjoy, it is not always pleasant, but, without doubt, a necessary thing. Good luck to you!

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