How to choose the bread. Rules for the selection of bakery goods

Day-to-day buy store bread products, have you thought about the correctness of your choices? What kind of bread tastes better and which is healthier?

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The simplest method of classification of bread – type flour. Baked from rye flour bread called rye (black), if for preparation of the used wheat flour, such cakes are called wheat (white) bread. Regardless of the type of flour from which they are made, baked products are divided into types by weight of the final product. So, the product weighing 500 g and less are called bakers, and those who weigh more than 500 grams, called bread. Bread products made from flour, yeast, salt and water are called simple. If to the basic formulation at the time of manufacture were added molasses, sugar and fat, these baked goods are called superior. Baking from all other bread is high in fat and sugar.

Rye or wheat?

Despite the fact that white bread made from wheat flour looks more appetizing and more attractive than its fellow baked from rye flour, more useful for the body is still black rye bread. The usefulness of this is due to the fact that the lysine content, which is very valuable and an essential amino acid, the bread from rye flour is considerably higher than that of bread prepared from wheat flour. Unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, iron, zinc, copper and manganese in the black bread is also considerably greater, and the starch – less. Perhaps the main advantage of rye bread is a large amount of pentosans and dietary fiber to stimulate peristalsis of the intestines and displays the body of carcinogens and other harmful substances. Indispensable brown bread in diabetes, obesity and constipation, but the high acidity of the stomach and associated diseases of the digestive system, the consumption of bread from rye flour is invalid. Is it worth chasing down fresh bread? From a dietary point of view, yesterday or specially toasted bread has less of a strong sokogonnym action, so in case of heartburn and problems with the gastro-intestinal tract from eating fresh bread is better to abstain.


Bread wholemeal or wholegrain bread is healthier than bread made from white flour. The wholemeal flour contains more fiber, micro - and macroelements. Eating bread from wheat flour, in addition to improving digestion, lowers blood pressure, normalizes the content of sugar in the blood, eliminates from the blood the excessive cholesterol and reduces the risk of developing atherosclerosis. The most useful bread is made from sprouted grains. The content of dietary fibers, amino acids and vitamins.


The first thing you should pay attention when choosing bread is its shape. It must be correct, without lateral bulges or dents. Not welcome of bread and too many cracks. Qualitatively crumb baked bread should not contain lumps and voids. It needs to be moderately porous and elastic: when you press the crumb should be slightly compressed and deformed, and after a few seconds – to take its original shape. Stretchy, sticky crumb and multi-colored inclusions in it will indicate the presence of in bread, potato sticks or fungus. The color of the crust of rye bread should be dark brown, wheat gold. And do not be misled by the white patches on the surface of bakery products like flour. You know – it's not flour, and the indication of the use for the preparation of an expired test. Avoid purchasing bread from the dross or black soot, as they contain carcinogenic substances. By the way, bread crumb crust healthier. The reason is the antioxidant produced during bread baking. Making out on a bread label list of ingredients which include emulsifiers, stabilizers, antioxidants and the baking powder, put a bread on the side – all of these "improvers" improve the quality of bread products for manufacturers and distributors, but not for consumers. Store the bread in a dedicated bread from plastic, metal or wood. Because of the bactericidal properties of wood wooden bread in the breadbox will remain long if not fresh, it is edible.

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