How to cook fat burning cocktail. Cocktail slimming

Need to lose weight and lose few pounds of weight? This will help you easy to prepare and incredibly easy to use fat burning cocktail.

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To prepare girlsgogames cocktail you will need 1 glass of kefir. Immediately several questions Arise: "What kind of yogurt should you choose? Fat or fat-free? With or without lactulose? Can I use bio kefir with bifidobacteria?" Answer: because it is useful for the body is almost any fermented milk product, selection of varieties or species does not matter, the positive effect from the use of cocktails for weight loss will be in any case. To the Cup of yogurt, add half a teaspoon of ground cinnamon and the same amount of ground ginger. You can buy ground ginger in the store, but we strongly recommend you to prepare it yourself from fresh ginger, cut it using a fine grater. The final part of cooking girlsgogames cocktail – add red pepper. It need quite a bit – on the tip of a knife. Remained mix well using a blender all the ingredients and start the fight against excess weight.

the Use of cocktails for weight loss

What impresses in a mix of yogurt, cinnamon, ginger and pepper, so this is the democracy the rules of its use. You can take a cocktail for weight loss at any time convenient for you. The cocktail creates a feeling of satiety and reduces the feeling of hunger, so very soon you will notice that sharp began to consume significantly less food than previously. In addition, due to the acceleration of metabolism not only activates the metabolism, will be made even and soft stimulation of intestinal peristalsis. It is recommended to use fat burning cocktail twice a day: in the morning instead of Breakfast and in the evening an hour and a half before bedtime, but even better to replace dinner. People suffering from diseases of the gastro-intestinal tract (especially gastritis, gastroduodenitis and peptic ulcer) care must be taken when consuming this cocktail, thus significantly reducing the content or even omit the red pepper and ginger. To make drastic changes to your menu during the reception cocktail for weight loss there is no need, you just give up eating high-calorie foods. Stay healthy and Bon appétit!

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