How to cook jellied meat. Cooking jellied meat

So instead of tasty and transparent jelly is not turned muddy, insipid and uncured dish, you must strictly adhere to the rules of its preparation.

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Selection of meat and its preparation

Aspic – a dish democratic for cooking are fine for pork, beef, and poultry. Every family their own preferences, and each family has a different set of meat ingredients. An important condition for the choice of meat is obligatory presence in the meat sources natural gelling ingredients – pig's heads, legs, drumsticks, tails, bird legs and feet. The fact is that in the process of cooking, and its duration for all kinds of jellied minced meat is not less than 6 hours, of skin, cartilage and bones releases of these, gelatin and fills them with broth. You can, of course, add to the jelly of agar-agar or gelatin food, but believe me, its taste will be completely different. Order jelly frozen in a natural way, without the use of additives, the number of legs, tails and other sources of gelatin should be at least 1/3 of the total meat component of the meat jelly. Cooking jellied meat begins with the preparation of the meat. Knuckles and tails need to obsolete and singe, put into a large pot and add the remaining meat products. After that meat for aspic must be soaked, fill a pan with cold water to completely cover the meat. What does the soaking of meat and why the water must be cold? The fact is that meat inevitably there are particles of blood released during cooking and continuous grayish-green foam that, we know that its not collected, will turn the broth turbid brew. Soaking the meat, you remove most of the blood while cold water will not allow it to coagulate. The time of soaking meat shall be not less than 6 hours. Experienced Housewives usually soak it overnight to morning to undertake the preparation of jellied meat.

Cooking course

Drain the pot of water that became a night pinkish-red, the utensils for cooking jellied meat again filled with cold water. Then the pan is put on the fire and boil water. After boiling water bowl from heat needs to be removed, and the water from it is drained. Water can not be drained, limiting himself to removing the foam. This jelly will be high-calorie and satisfying, however transparent it will not be accurate. Bay meat new portion of water to cover the meat layer with a thickness of about 5-6 cm, a pan put on fire, bring water to a boil, assemble the noise and reduce the heat to low. Note: the broth in the pot in no case should not boil violently! Meat should not be cooked and languish. The liquid in the pan should not boil, but only to actively move. After that, the jelly should 5 hours to leave the fire, only occasionally looking into the pot to stir the meat pieces and to remove from the surface of the broth fat. After 5 hours in the broth you need to put 1 large carrot, cut into sticks and 1 onion, peeled one layer of husk and criss-cross incised on the side – they make a delicious and appetizing jelly. Don't forget to add 1/2 teaspoon of kitchen salt. After half an hour in almost ready add a few jelly (to taste) peas of black and fragrant pepper will give the dish spice and Bay leaves, added together with the peppercorns. You should check the jelly for salt and, if necessary, salt it so that it was slightly saltier than necessary After about half an hour with the pot boiled jelly, you can remove it from the fire and begin the layout and casting molds. How to make sure that the aspic hardens? Can be applied to the tips of the thumb and index fingers a drop of broth, then bring the fingers together. If fingers are glued together rather effectively, hence the jelly hardens. Another way to check: type in tablespoon of the boiled broth, cool it and put it on 20 minutes in the refrigerator. If the broth in a spoon during this time will turn into jelly, then hardens and successfully the entire course. In the case of unfavourable test results save the situation, adding in jelly food gelatin in accordance with the instructions on the packaging.

Casting forms

Left remove with a slotted spoon from the broth, the chunks of meat and vegetables. The onion and the carrot sticks should be disposed of (send to trash). Remove the meat from the bones, remove cartilage and skin, after which lay it on sudochki, forms or deep dishes. The broth is desirable to filter, and then pour it on the forms. Cool jelly to room temperature, it is placed in the refrigerator on the middle shelf. After about 6 hours the jelly hardens and becomes ready to eat. Preparing jelly, not forget about his constant companions – the horseradish and mustard! Bon appétit!

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