How to make candy from sugar. How to make lollipops at home

A favorite treat of childhood lollipops in the shape of a rooster, squirrels and other small animals. Preparing the ingredients is simple and accessible.

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Young readers of this publication will be especially fun to prepare candies with your own hands to compare their taste with the ubiquitous "the Lollipop kids". I can assure you – overseas delicacy, stuffed with flavors and flavor enhancers, guaranteed to lose the candy made at home from natural ingredients.

prep work

You first need to take care of the sticks, which will hold lollipops. In principle, it is possible to prepare a treat without them, but it will not have the Cockerel on a stick, but a conventional home.As sticks of candy you can use toothpicks, sticks for skewers, cut in two or, at worst, matches with remote sulphuric head.Now the form to fill. They can be in the form of special molds of aluminum, consisting of two halves, fastened together by latches, that will work well as silicone molds for pastry and plastic molds for ice.If absolutely no forms at hand, offering a cheap and easy way – pull out kitchen table spoons of all types and sizes, and pour the syrup in them.

Cooking syrup

The syrup is prepared simply. You need to combine 3 parts sugar with 1 part water and add vinegar, proceeding from the rate of 1 tablespoon per 100 ml of water. What is the vinegar and will not affect his presence on taste treats? The vinegar is needed to prevent unwanted crystallization (zasaharivaniya) of the finished product, and the taste of him, believe the word, the candy will be completely invisible.To get the colored candy in the syrup you should add food coloring. You can do without it, if part or all of its water volume to replace a favorite fruit syrup. In this case, the taste of the finished Goodies will be exclusive and memorable, and the color is bright and saturated.Cookware for boiling syrup it is advisable to choose with a thick bottom so that the syrup does not burn. Putting it on low heat, you need to constantly mix the contents, carefully watching the state of the syrup. In no case do not bring the syrup to a boil! Once the sugar crystals have dissolved the syrup will become a nice caramel color, and from the bottom of the pot will begin to rise small air bubbles, the pan should be removed from the fire. If to overdo the syrup on the fire, it will burn slightly and will be painted in a brown color, and candy canes from it will be bitter and tasteless.To check the readiness of the syrup, pour a small amount into a glass of cold water. If a drop of syrup in seconds hardened and turned into a small candy – syrup is ready.To give the candy flavor by adding to the syrup after removing it from heat a small amount of cognac or ruma

Fill in form

Left to pour the hot syrup forms. Don't forget to wipe the surface with vegetable oil, then finished lollipops will be easier to retrieve from forms.Waiting until syrup forms a little cools and becomes dense, in every form you want to insert a stick. After 20-30 minutes, the lollipops can be safely removed from the forms.The final touch. To the surface of the candy was smooth and glossy, rinse under warm running water of the upper layer, and then let them dry. Cold water is not advised to use the candy can crack.Left to please yourself and your home unparalleled delicacy, cooked with his own hands.Bon appétit!

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