How to cook macaroni salad. The preparation of macaroni salad

Despite seeming, at first glance, a strange combination of ingredients, pasta salad is a harmonious and delicious dish for the holidays and for weekdays.

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Sure macaroni salad, prepared according to the published recipe, your guests will "sweep away" from the table in the first place. The explanation is simple: despite the fact that the salad ingredients are not exotic products, the taste of the finished dish is so unusual and fresh that there is hardly a person who is able to keep his curiosity and to deny yourself the pleasure to taste the new and little-known dish.

Meat component

As the meat component will fit everything: boiled pork and beef, smoked meat, sausages, sausages and shpikachki and sausages of all types (from raw to cooked). Depending on the type of meat will taste different prepared foods, ranging from light and airy to heavy and rich. Slice the meat ingredients should be small strips or small cubes.


In respect of varieties of pasta salad is as democratic as the selection of meat component – use the kind of pasta that is in demand, your household, or the one that is preferred by guests. It is desirable that it was made from durum wheat. Macaroni before preparing the salad should be boiled, focusing on the time indicated on their packaging or label. Honestly, pasta is better to slightly undercook than to overcook, resulting in a dense shapeless mass. After cooking, they must discard in a colander and rinse thoroughly with cold running water.

Cheese, vegetables and other ingredients

To prepare pasta salad is not worth wasting time in search of the special cheese, it will fit any solid grade. The cheese must be cut into small cubes. The list of vegetables for this salad are lengthy, but you can feel free to opt out of some, adding instead of ones that will fit. The basic set of vegetables looks like: fresh tomatoes, pickled or fresh cucumbers, onions and peppers. Onions can be used both in raw form and in carmelitana. You can add green peas and boiled carrots. Perfectly combined with the other components of macaroni salad canned mushrooms and olives.


You ask: "And why is nowhere indicated the amount of ingredients?" Yes, because some people like having more onion salad, others prefer the cucumbers, the third important component of meat. The main requirement (or rather, wish) to the ingredients is that meat, vegetable and pasta components should be represented in approximately equal proportions. At this ratio, the salad will be balanced, and the taste of some ingredients will not prevail over the other. So, all the ingredients cooked, chopped and shredded. Left season the salad with mayonnaise or vegetable oil, add salt and spices, stir and send in the refrigerator to infuse for 2-3 hours. After this time the macaroni salad you can bring to the table. Bon appétit!

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