How to make hot chocolate. The secrets of making hot chocolate

Drink a Cup of fragrant hot chocolate in the cafe – cooking this delicious aromatic drink at home.

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Prepare hot refreshing drink from the chocolate and using cocoa powder. Since each of these methods has both its adherents and opponents, we recommend you to try both methods to choose the most appropriate one.

a Drink of chocolate bars

Prepares simple enough. Everything you need for cooking – tile black, milk or even white chocolate and some milk. The ratio of the following ingredients: 200 g chocolate will need 1/2 Cup milk or cream. You must first melt the chocolate in a water bath. To do this in a saucepan, pour water about a quarter of its volume, placed above a wide metal bowl so that its bottom does not touch the water in the pan, the whole structure is put on the fire, and in a bowl put chocolate. To melt faster, it is recommended to grind it up, cut with a knife into small pieces or cutting it in the form of chips. Once the chocolate has melted and turn into a homogeneous liquid mass, in small portions pour in milk, while stirring continuously. Be careful! Do not bring the chocolate to a boil, otherwise the mixed drink will be much to taste bitter! Can be done in a different way: pour in a bowl in a water bath milk, add the chopped chocolate and with constant stirring, bring mixture to a homogeneous condition.

Hot chocolate from cocoa powder

If chocolate is not at hand, and to taste the aromatic drink you really want, don't worry – hot chocolate can be prepared from cocoa powder. Mix a half Cup of powder cocoa with the same amount of sugar, add 1/4 Cup of plain water, then mix thoroughly, bringing the mixture until smooth. Pre-heated 2 cups of whole milk or cream, pour into the previously prepared mixture of cocoa, sugar and water. The next drink was necessary to put the least possible fire and reheat, without boiling. Do not rush to pour heated chocolate drink into cups, let it steep for 5-7 minutes. Give hot chocolate a unique taste and flavor by adding some salt, whiskey, rum, liqueur, vanilla, mint, cinnamon, nutmeg and even chili peppers. To thicken the beverage made from cocoa powder will help 1-2 teaspoons of corn starch. Bon appétit!

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