How to choose smoked fish. Fish hot, cold and artificial smoked with liquid smoke

Despite the attractive Golden appearance and unmatched, the fragrance, purchased smoked fish may be stale or tainted.

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Smoking fish can be accomplished in two ways: cold and hot. Raw fish, first soak in brine, giving her the opportunity to be salted well, then she goes to the smokehouse.

Smoking Hot

Hot smoked fish is smoked with hot smoke from burning wood for 4-6 hours, and the initial temperature to smoke within 500 s, and then gradually adjusted to 800 C. Leather quality "hot" fish should have bright and uniform Golden color and is easy to deviate from the pulp, and the tender and fatty meat is also easily separated from the bone. Cleaning the "correct" hot-smoked fish is always a quick and easy process. If fish color pale gray, and the cutting have to make extra efforts, this product or I was in the smokehouse already tainted, or was broken technology Smoking. Shelf life of hot-smoked fish in the refrigerator no more than 5 days, frozen it can be stored up to 1 month, wrapped in vacuum packaging – up to 60 days.

Cold Smoking

Hot is different from that of salt solution for soaking the rich take more and the Smoking process lasts from 1 to 5 days at a temperature of 25-300 C. smoke Color of fish skin prepared by the method of cold Smoking less saturated it can be described as light straw. Because decent time smoked meat is dehydrated and degreased, therefore, seems somewhat dry. It is noticeably stiffer than the "hot" fish and harder to separate from the bones. His colour is dark and close to the natural color of the fish meat. Shelf life cold fish reaches 2 weeks, frozen – 1 month, vacuum-Packed and over – about 90 days. Longer shelf life and explains the predominance of the stores it is fish of cold Smoking.

Liquid smoke

Is a so-called liquid smoke in common parlance referred to as "liquid smoke". Its chemical composition is complex, the basic components are the colors and flavors. Is not a technique of Smoking, as in the processing of liquid smoke no heat treatment or preservation of the product. The popularity of "liquid smoke" due to the simplicity of its use: wymogu fish in a salt solution, it is coated with a layer of smoke fluid, then dried and shipped to points of sale. Thus, instead of hours and days required for processing of fish the classic ways of Smoking, the artificial procedure of Smoking fish using "liquid smoke" is laid in a half an hour. The shelf life of this fish is short, it is quite perishable and comes in disrepair. The danger of technology artificial smoke is that using a saturated solution of smoke fluid, you can give an appetizing Golden appearance and rich flavor to anyone, even started spoiled fish product. To distinguish the fish prepared with "liquid smoke" from same, but smoked by traditional technology, by smell and color. If instead of the delicate aroma of smoke in the nostrils has a sharp "chemical" smell, this fish cooked through Smoking fluids just half an hour. The color of the skin of the "artificial" fish will be uneven, with noticeable differences shades. If the skin of the fish remained depressed longitudinal and transverse stripes in the form of squares, this fish was optilase on this smoke, which is a direct confirmation and are traces from the smoke mesh.Let your chosen fish will be high-quality and really bloated! Bon appétit!

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