How to choose wine. Types of wines and their classification

The classication of wines of this publication is not intended, however, to understand the names and terms listed on the labels of wine bottles, will help.

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Wine material

Wine The feedstock Grape Grape juice Fruit Apple or pear juice Berry The fruits of cherries, plums, apricots, peaches. Forest and garden berries Vegetable The juice of watermelons, cantaloupes, rhubarb, and parsnip, rose petals. Birch and maple Raisin Raisins Many-sorted The combination of different grape varieties Many-sorted wine further divided into blending, the resulting mix of finished wine, and semeinye prepared by fermentation in one container of different varieties of grapes.

wine Color

Wine Grape variety Famous wine brands Red The red grape Bordeaux, Beaujolais, Chianti, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon White The white grape, sometimes used the berries of the red grapes with the skins removed Chardonnay, Riesling, Sauternes, Shannon Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc Pink The combination of red and white grapes Bordeaux pink, Burgundy pink

sugar and alcohol

Wine Type Sugar, % Alcohol, % Table Dry To 0.3 9 — 14 Semi-dry 0.4 to 3.0 9 — 12 Semi-sweet 3,0 – 8,0 9 — 12 Fortified Strong 1 — 14 17 — 20 Dessert semi-sweet 5 — 12 14 — 16 Sweet 14 — 20 15 — 17 Liquor 21 — 35 12 — 17 Flavored 6 — 16 16 — 18

cooking techniques

Wine A method of manufacturing Natural Made from pure juice without impurities Effervescent In the cooking process saturated with carbon dioxide gas Honeyed To enhance the flavour of added honey or sugar Diluted Made from juice diluted with water Alcohol To increase the strength of the drink is added wine alcohol

Quality wines

Wine Features excerpts Vintage Term of aging before bottling 6 months, counting from 1 January following the harvest year Vintage The time of ageing before bottling is not less than 2 years for fortified wines and at least 1.5 years for table wines Collectible The ripening period the wine storage wine, bottled in bottles, is not less than 3 years

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