How to choose a good wine. Rules for the selection of quality wines

Instead of this wine product is not to acquire the fluid of dubious quality, when choosing a wine it is necessary to observe some rules.

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Where to buy

Hardly large retail chains, supermarkets and specialty shops will be dealing with counterfeit wine, the risk of losing the trust of both customers and trading partners. All of them value their reputation, and therefore the likelihood that you will sell wine of poor quality, negligible. Therefore, if you need to buy good quality wine, will refrain from the acquisition of small shops or on the market, better opt for a wine in a supermarket or a specialty store for the sale of alcohol.


Many manufacturers are trying to protect your wine against counterfeiting, poured it into bottles that differ from the standard or use a standard bottle shape, but with applied on the surface of special raised symbols and inscriptions. Self-respecting winemaker would never spill wine in bottles of clear white glass, because sunlight deteriorates wine, losing its flavoring and aromatic properties. Glass bottle with a good wine must be dark. Let's have no illusions of buying wine in packages. Quality wine does not happen. Even if it's not made with powder, in the best case it will be ordinary, manufactured using products of processing of grapes.


Bright, lurid label on the bottle should immediately alert you. The fact that the majority of wine producers (with the exception of Chile and some Latin American countries) glues to the bottles with his production label, very rarely consisting of more than 3 colors. The main purpose of the label on a bottle of good wine is to provide customers with detailed information about the wine (type and type, name of manufacturer and his address, the content of sugar and alcohol in the finished product, the presence of impurities and date of manufacture) and not to attract to it the attention due to the bright labels. No labels peeled off at the edges and raspavshihsya inscriptions.


A lot about the quality of the wine can tell an ordinary wine cork. The quality of wine known to the manufacturer, it is always cortical, not plastic, because the cork through the wine to breathe and using plastic not. Self-respecting manufacturer must put on the tube brand name or logo of your company. Often for corking wine use of low quality tubes, manufactured from wood waste. Externally, they are somewhat similar to cork, but it is only until the beginning of careful study. On the tube there should be absolutely no plaque, nor should it be and odors. Bon app├ętit!

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