How to distinguish a quality wine from a fake. Natural wine and powder substitute

To check at home the authenticity of wine no need to use expensive reagents and laboratory equipment. Is enough water and glycerine.

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The most common method of making counterfeit wine is a mixture consisting of water, citric acid, yeast, ethyl alcohol, colourants or other chemical additives. Sometimes the skill of the modern alchemists reaches a level of perfection that the unsophisticated consumer can be quite difficult to recognize a fake. Bring unscrupulous manufacturer to clean water can be simple and affordable ways.

Test water

To check the wine with water will need a glass vial, but at home this will fit perfectly a small vial out of drugs with a wide neck made of transparent glass. Filling the test bottle of wine, it is gently lowered, without turning, in a transparent container with water, covering his neck with his finger. In water the finger from the neck of the bottle clean, and after a few minutes carefully examining the condition of the water in the tank. If she remained clean and clear, check the product is a natural wine. If the water is stained in red-pink or yellow-orange color, the product contained in the wine bottle, nothing like the fake, made from water and powder of impurities. Since the densities of water and different natural wines, without forced agitation to achieve mixing virtually impossible. In the case of the counterfeit pure water will easily mix with the same water, flavored additives.

Testing glycerin

Pouring in the glass of about 100 ml of wine, which needed verification, thereto was added 20 ml of glycerol. After a few seconds, the glycerine will slowly sink to the bottom of the glass. In natural wine the color of glycerin will not change. If the wine is made with the use of dyes, glycerin will be painted in yellow, red, purple or mixed colours.

Study foam

A bottle of wine need a good shake, then fill the wine glass. Due to the fact that the density of natural wines is significantly different from the density of the surrogate, made on the basis of water formed in the glass the foam will behave differently. In this wine it is formed primarily in the center of the glass and quickly subsides. Surrogate powder in the foam will disperse to the sides, gather at the walls of the glass and will stay there without dropping, for a long time. To distinguish natural wine from counterfeiting by using the methods is easy. In case of doubt as to the authenticity of the wine, be sure to check it, it will help save you not only mood but also health!

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