How to choose a sausage. Rules for the selection of high quality sausage

How to choose sausage, made from natural meat components, and not a product of cornstarch, soybean and grease, generously spiced flavors and dyes?

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Types of sausages

Kind of sausage Composition Method of preparation Shelf life Cooked (hot dogs and sausages) Meat, soy, milk, egg, water The decoction in water 2-3 days Boiled-smoked(smoked) Chopped meat, lard, starch, vegetable proteins, spices, cream, milk, water The decoction in water followed by Smoking 15 days Smoked Chopped meat, lard, starch, vegetable proteins, spices, cream, milk, water The decoction in water followed by Smoking 15 days Smoked Top grade meat, spices, brandy Dehydration of meat with subsequent cold Smoking 4 months Dry-cured Top grade meat, honey, seasonings, spices, brandy Dewatering and drying of the meat 4 months Liver Offal (heart, kidneys, liver), spices The decoction in water 2-3 days Blood Blood, spices Heat treatment 2-3 days

what is poor quality sausage

The easiest and most inexpensive way to make sausage is heavier and bulkier – add in the beef water. And that water kept in the composition of meat injected soy or starch. Also excellently binds water in the composition of ground meat added to it fiber from plant fibers. Very often the unscrupulous manufacturers of the main ingredients of sausages are soy, starch, fiber and water. Meat if there is, then its percentage is negligible. Another way to reduce the cost of production of sausage instead of expensive meat use meat trimmings, offal, fat and connective tissue, ground bone. Minced meat, prepared in an industrial meat grinders are visually indistinguishable from ground beef, while keeping the cost significantly lower. Due to the fact that vegetable proteins have a pronounced color, mince, prepared from them and water, it is necessary to give an appetizing pink color. This is achieved by adding in the sausage most common dye – sodium nitrate. Sausage needs to smell good. With this task can easily cope with the flavor enhancer monosodium glutamate. It will not only make the sausage loaf incomparable taste and aroma, but also hide the smell and aftertaste of poor quality meat. And monosodium glutamate is quickly addictive.

selection Rules

The first thing you should pay attention to the price of sausage. Pounds finished sausage cannot cost less kilos of meat a priori. Rather, it can, but this is likely to be sausage made from vegetable proteins and meat waste. Second – read the label carefully. Try to prefer the sausage, made according to GOST, so you at least will be assured of a minimum amount of food additives. The presence of meat in the sausage is only guaranteed by the indication about the use to cook pork sausages of the highest or first grade, or beef first or second grade. If it says on pork, beef or poultry, it means actually inside the sausage – stuffing from the skin, cartilage, fat and meat by-products. A few words about the shell. Packaging sausages of low quality commonly used synthetic and polymeric materials. Cellulose and protein shell will indicate that the product is worthy. The shell should be dry, without mold and fit snugly to the contents of the sausage, and the sausage is to be flexible and resilient. In liver and blood sausages the consistency will be spotting, smoked and dried sausages should be firm to the touch. Cutting off a piece of sausage, consider its cut. It must not be friable, contain a lot of moisture. In high-quality sausage will never be voids, influx of meat or swelling of the broth. The color of the sausage should not be too bright, otherwise you're looking at a product full of colorants. Real natural sausage should have a slight smell of meat and spices, and the taste of her should be no signs of sour or musty. If eaten after a few slices of salami with a rich taste you enjoy is inexorably drawn to another, be sure that it has a powerful flavor enhancer. Dry cured and uncooked smoked sausages are almost always made from natural high-quality meat. Do not be alarmed if their shell over time will make a white film, it is salt, the taste of the product it serves, therefore, the surface of the shell it cannot be removed. Bon appétit!

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