How to fry a fish. Secrets of frying fish

Why do some fried fish turns out flavorful, tender and juicy, with a delicious crisp, and the other is tasteless and falling apart?

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Frying fish can almost all kinds. However, not every after the roast will remain juicy and fatty. The fact that many members of the family of marine fish use low-fat meat, but because after cooking in the pan becomes dry and tasteless. It is not recommended to use for frying sea low fat fish: cod, hake, flounder, whiting, saffron cod, walleye Pollock and sea bass. It is better to bake it in foil, steamed, or add to pickle. Horse mackerel, Pacific saury, mackerel, halibut, herring, sprat, sardines, mackerel, salmon and tuna that are related to fat and moderate-fat varieties of marine fish, suitable for cooking by roasting. Fish river varieties in most cases roasted always has a superior degree of fat and juiciness. Especially recommended for frying carp, carp, catfish, trout and salmon. The above fish list is not prescriptive, this is just advice for cooking in the pan you are free to choose the fish at its discretion.

prep work

First and foremost, the fish must be cleaned from the scales, cut off the fins, cut it along the line of the belly and gut. At big fish it is advisable to clip the tail and head. The best way to remove from the surface of fish skin mucus was carefully rubbed with salt, then wash thoroughly. Large and thick fish should be cut into thick chunks about 3 cm — so it browned evenly and will have the same degree of readiness. Small fish can be fried whole. If the average size fish you want to fry whole, without slicing into portions, to avoid its deformation during cooking by running it on a shallow cross cuts on both sides. In this case fish skin, which is almost always during the heat treatment shrinks and decreases in size, can not change the original form of the fish carcass. To get rid of the specific smell of marsh river fish, 15-20 minutes before roasting it is recommended to soak in milk with salt and pepper. The approximate ratio of ingredients: 1 Cup milk, 1 teaspoon salt and 1/3 teaspoon pepper. Another recipe "antiblockage" solution – 1 Cup cold water and 1 teaspoon vinegar. After removal from the solution the fish should be given to flow, pushing it in a colander, and then dry with a paper towel. Many argue about when to add salt to the fish. If you soaked her in "antiproton" solution, salt it is not necessary. If the fish is not pre-soaked, it should be salted 15 minutes prior to cooking. Because the salt helps release juices, fish, salted long before cooking, during cooking break into pieces.


Best used for frying fish a cast iron skillet – thanks to the thick walls of the heating will be uniform and the same will be evenly roasted fish. In a pan pour the vegetable oil so that the fish or its pieces were submerged by about a third. It turns out particularly tasty fish for frying use a mixture of vegetable oil and butter in a 1:1 ratio. While the pan is warming up, the fish paneer. Wheat flour is the best option means for breadcrumbs because breadcrumbs noticeably interrupt the taste of the fish itself. Poured in a plate of flour, roll the fish or its pieces. Very convenient breaded fish, using a plastic bag with lots of flour in it. Gently laying the fish on a well-heated pan, it should fry on both sides until education appetizing Golden brown. It is not recommended to cover the pan while cooking, cover. Avoid splashing grease on the surface of the plate a pan can be covered with a colander, turn it upside down. The approximate time of roasting one side of the fish 5-6 minutes. During this time refrain from turning, moving and other manipulation of the pieces of fish. After one side of the fish is browned, flip it with spatula and wait for roasting on the other side. Fried fish is ready! Bon appétit!

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