How to use blender. The rules of operation of the blender

To prepare salad, vegetable soup and a cocktail, liver pate and cheese appetizer, chop the onion and garlic, whipped cream or pastry – all it knows how to do the blender.

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Submersible and fixed

A stationary blender is a stand with an electric motor, which is fixed to a transparent bowl, inside which the rotating knives. For cocktails, chopping fruit and cooked vegetables would be enough equipment with engine power up to 400 watts. If you are still grinding hard raw vegetables or you are going to chop ice in it, it makes sense to focus on the device power up from 500 to 800 watts. Blender has an elongated shape of the hull, one side is the shaft of the electric motor, which dress up knives or nozzles, and the other side is made in the shape of the handle. From its shape and size depends on the usability hand blender. The convenience of fixed blender is that during use it does not need to hold in your hand, the advantage of immersion – the ability of processing products in any container.

stationary blender

Should never fill the blender jar up to the top, always leave some empty space at the top with a height of 2-3 cm, otherwise, this appliance will not cope with the task of mixing or grinding, but simply fails. Products before sending to blender should chop because whole ingredients to process he can't. Do not get carried away: it is better to process foods in small portions several times than all the ingredients at one time. Discard the steaming hot mixes, because this will inevitably lead to engine overheating and dulling of the bowl (if it is made of plastic and not glass). We recommend that you periodically shake the blender while processing foods to their particles moving in the volume of the bowl. It should be remembered that a regular blender is not designed for crushing of solid dry foods (crackers), can not cope with it and chopping greens. For processing onions or garlic it is better to use the immersion blender, but if its not at hand, this operation can be carried out using a stationary device, adding it in a bowl 2-3 tablespoons of water.

terms of use immersion blender

Unlike stationary, the number of products that can be treated immersion blender is limited only by the capacity of the utensils used to work. To splatter during operation is not scattered in all directions, the dishes must be deep enough. To avoid excessive loads on the electric motor unit, should have a sense of proportion and not to force blender to rotate an enormous number of ingredients. Do not handle immersion blender and a mixture of hot liquid, otherwise the engine the device will overheat and fail. Possible overheating in case of too long time. After using the blender in continuous mode for the time specified in the documentation for your appliance, you need to take a break, giving him the opportunity to cool down. Like any mechanism, blender loves cleanliness, so after work be sure to wipe with a damp cloth and his body wash in the water the motor shaft and attachments. Good luck and tasty dishes!

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