How to cook fish cakes. The subtleties of making fish cutlets

Fish cakes are considered a diet dish, it is easily absorbed, has a high nutritional value and fairly easy to prepare.

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Fish for cooking cutlets, you can use any. One like chops fatty varieties of fish, others may use low-fat varieties of fish. Many cook patties exclusively from marine fish species, at least that many gourmets prefer the solely fish of freshwater reservoirs. The clear leader by frequency of mentions in the recipes is the pike. From river fish in the recipes of the meatballs are often found perch, carp and carp, among sea — walleye Pollock, pangasius and salmon. The size of the fish also does not matter, the main requirement – it should be fresh and of high quality.

fish meat

The first thing you need fish to clean, gut and skin it. Be careful when gutting sea fish retained in the abdomen black film will give the finished dish is so palpable bitterness that taste of fish tacos will be spoiled. Left to extract from the fish carcasses more or less large bones, cut it into pieces and mince. To obtain a homogeneous composition of meat we recommend you skip it through a meat grinder again. Hereinafter, a baton or white bread. For 0.5 kg of minced fish, you will need 3 slices. Baton for cooking meat, it is recommended to use fresh, but dried out a bit. Slices of loaf of bread or pour 1/2 Cup milk or water, incubated for about 5 minutes until completely soaked, then drained and passed through a meat grinder. One onion and one clove of garlic peel, add the leaves from 5 sprigs of parsley and mince followed by the bread. To make fish cakes brown better and had a more appetizing appearance, it is recommended to RUB on a small grater or grind using a meat grinder peeled 1 raw potato medium size. It remains to combine all the chopped ingredients, add 1 raw egg, add to taste salt and pepper, and then mix thoroughly until a homogeneous mass. You can add ready mince 1/2 Cup milk cream – meat patties will be softer and juicier.

Grilling burgers

Put the pan with sunflower oil to warm on the fire, it is necessary to form meat patties. To make patties faster and was more evenly cooked, they should give a flattened shape. Roll formed patties in flour or bread crumbs, lay them on a hot pan. Fry cutlets on both sides over high heat until Golden brown, frying them on low heat for 10 minutes (5 minutes each side). Flavorful and juicy fish cakes are ready! Bon appétit!

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