How to make French toast. The secrets of making toast

Its popularity, in addition to an original and memorable taste, croutons required minimum set of ingredients and simplicity of preparation.

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prep work

For cooking toast good black bread made from rye flour and white baked from wheat flour. You can use a crust of bread, if only it was not mold. Before frying the bread should be cut into slices. The optimum thickness of the bread slices with 6 to 10 mm is Too thin slices for frying will burn rapidly, become hard and lose their taste, and too thick pieces will remain insufficiently cooked inside. What form to give a toast? If you expect the cooking process to put the stuffing in, it is better to leave slices of bread in its original form, and can be cut in the form of cubes or elongated cubes.


The choice of oil that will be fried croutons, entirely depends on your taste preferences. Usually used for frying sunflower oil, margarine, lard, or a combination thereof. Prerequisite – the oil or fat in the pan should be well heated, otherwise the bread slices much of them soaked and ready to toast will be too greasy. Having salted the bread slices, spread them on the pan and fry on both sides until education appetizing crisp. To fried croutons were not too hard, they can be mitigated if when putting in the pan to moisten the bread slices in milk.

Garlic sauce and filling

Classic sauce with garlic toast for a simple, as are the croutons: peeled cloves of garlic crushed in the frog, add salt, spices, a few tablespoons of vegetable oil and mix thoroughly. Left to lubricate croutons garlic sauce and serve. Many in composition of the garlic sauce and added finely chopped greens. Garlic sauce with the original taste you get if instead of sunflower oil to use mayonnaise or sour cream. In case of problems with the stomach, you can make French toast without sauce, but with garlic flavor. To do this in a pan for 3-4 minutes or fry several chopped cloves of garlic, then the garlic from the pan clean. The garlic will give the oil its flavor and aroma, roasted croutons will be delicious, aromatic and at the same time safe for people suffering from gastritis or stomach ulcers. Unmatched taste different Welsh rarebit. In the final stage of cooking, when one side is already toasted toast, and the second is about to be ready, on top of toast, spread a layer of shredded hard cheese. As toppings for toast, you can use another ham, fish, sausage, tomatoes and greens. Spread them on a finished dish.Options cooking toast an incredible variety. Experiment, show imagination and let vegan croutons are the most delicious! Bon appétit!

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